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Blessed With Provision in Their Time of Need

Dan Reany - 700 Club Producer

After Tyler and Roxanne got married and started a family, they lived on Tyler’s income, while both pursued degrees in psychology and pastoral counseling. After the arrival of their fourth child, finances were tight. Then COVID left their family shattered. 

With a heavy heart, Tyler said, “2020, I had uh, lost my parents and my biological father. And that was really rough.”

Each time they went home to Oklahoma to be with family, they had to rent cars with enough room for four kids.

Roxanne recalled, “We were drained in pretty much every, every aspect you can look at it: financially, emotionally, spiritually.” 

The extra travel expenses took their toll. They needed help making ends meet, so they turned to Heritage Church, a partner of Operation Blessing. 

“When we went to the food pantry, it was a lot of relief and a lot of gratitude, just an overwhelming sense of love,” Tyler said.   

“Receiving the food really helped to restore a lot of hope. Like a reminder from God, like it’s going to be okay. And if He can supply food, you know, He’ll supply the rest,” Roxanne said.  

Tyler and Roxanne have now graduated with their counseling degrees and look forward to helping others. Thanks to the support of our partners, Tyler and Roxanne’s family received the help they needed when they needed it the most.

Roxanne concluded, “There were times I don’t know if we would have had anything if we didn’t have that. So thank you.” 

With great appreciation, Tyler said, “Those who are part of Operation Blessing, I say thank you so much. You've helped out in more ways than you know.” 

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