Former President Donald Trump speaks to CBN News Chief Political Analyst David Brody about a wide range of issues, including Disney's recent activism, the Roe v. Wade leaked decision draft, and more. We also discuss what life after a possible fall of Roe v. Wade looks like. 


Nearly two million students left public schools between 2020 and 2021, and the reason why is found in where they are going. With large numbers now enrolled in Christian education, one church in Northern Virginia is answering the need by starting a Christian school of their own. CBN News Senior Washington Correspondent Tara Mergener talked to the pastor and is on today’s episode to share about the shift in schooling he calls a “necessity.” 


The COVID-19 pandemic caught everyone off guard when it swept across the world two years ago, and the loss of life has been tragic and overwhelming. As of Friday morning, Johns Hopkins University says more than 6.2 million people around the world have died of COVID, with just shy of a million dying here in the United States. The pandemic, as well as Russia's invasion in Ukraine raises a question. How well would the US respond to a biological attack should one be launched against us? Would we be ready? National Security Correspondent Caitlin Burke reported on this for CBN News this week, and she joined The Daily Rundown to discuss her story.


A staff meeting leaked onto social media reveals Amazon employees in despair over the fact a conservative commentator's book rose to number one in the LGBT category. Success of Matt Walsh's book "Johnny the Walrus" sparked outrage among staffers and they discussed what could be done about the "problem". Atheists try to remove the Bible from schools, and an A-list actress who was raised as a Christian discusses her move to the occult. These stories and more on today's podcast.


It’s no surprise that soaring inflation has many Americans feeling down. While the unemployment rate is at a pandemic low, the benefits of rapid economic growth could be diminished if rising prices continue to chop away at paychecks. CBN News Financial Editor Drew Parkhill is on today’s episode to discuss who or what is responsible for skyrocketing prices, if Americans are keeping up, and what it may take to bring inflation to a halt.


Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine has had a number of negative effects, most of them very obvious in terms of the destruction, suffering and loss of life inside Ukraine itself. But the war is also having an negative impact on millions around the world. This week, the World Bank lowered its global growth forecast by nearly a full percent, due in large part to issues involving food insecurity stemming from the conflict in Ukraine. How much of an effect has it had in terms of the world’s food supply, and which countries are being hit hardest? CBN News Reporter Matt Galka joins the Rundown to discuss.

Also, the nation of Hungary has set itself apart from the rest of its European Union brethren as a country that espouses Christian values, and is led by a conservative prime minister that openly advocates and institutes Christian beliefs into their policies and laws. But as the war in Ukraine rages, Hungary appears reluctant to go all-in to help its neighbor Ukraine, and there is the belief by some in the EU that Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is one of Vladimir Putin’s few allies left in Europe. What is Hungary doing as the war rages in their neighborhood, and does Russia consider Prime Minister Orban an ally? CBN News Reporter Jennifer Wishon traveled to Hungary last year for a number of stories on their pro-Christian policies, and joins the Rundown to talk about their position with regard to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.


Could teens be abandoning social media? That's one what recent survey seems to suggest, that more and more young people are beginning to realize the dangers of habitually engaging on social media. We dive into the details on that story plus a Holocaust survivor dies in Ukraine hiding in the same basement she used to hide from Nazis. And Candace Cameron Bure shakes up Hollywood with major announcement.


Why is it that the richest man in the world can’t seem to buy Twitter? There’s a lot more involved than money and much more at stake than a brand. CBN News Financial Editor Drew Parkhill is on today’s episode to discuss what’s really behind Elon Musk’s bid to buy Twitter and why the social media company delivered a “poison pill” in response.


It was a chaotic scene yesterday as a deranged man opened fire on unsuspecting subway riders in Brooklyn, New York. Incredibly, so far no one has died as a result. Details are starting to emerge on how people survived what seemed like almost certain death. 


Hunter Biden finally paid his taxes. This wouldn’t be news, except for the 24th paragraph in The Washington Post article admitting a significant amount of the suspicious content found on Hunter’s laptop in 2020 was authentic. Now, media outlets have decided it’s a story, setting off a firestorm of reports on Hunter’s shady business dealings with China and Ukraine. Why is this news breaking now? Why not when suspicions and evidence first arose? CBN News Senior Reporter Dale Hurd joins today’s episode to talk about why the media chose NOW to talk about this and the real disinformation scandal.