Meet the Israeli Singer Who's Using Her Amazing Voice to Bless the Lord

JERUSALEM, Israel – Israel is well known for its ancient Holy sites and modern technology. And it’s also becoming known as a place of musical talent among Israeli Messianic believers. One of the most beautiful voices belongs to Rebekah Wagner.

“At a very young age, my parents decided to send us to a local house of prayer for once-a-week youth watches, kid watches really. It's still happening and still running for over 10 years now,” Wagner told CBN News. “We would just sing, pray, and worship, and really sing the scriptures back to the Lord.”

Wagner served in the Israeli military – as is required of all young Israelis – and since has been singing with another popular artist, Shilo Ben Hod. She’s had many music opportunities, including collaborations between Jewish and Arab believers.

“I grew up going to this house of prayer where we had annual conferences with Jews and Arabs throughout the country and, actually also, from Gaza [and] the West Bank areas. So just worship together, no politics. We were teenagers. And so really coming around, praising the Lord together, just brought a lot of unity and beautiful relationships still today,” she said.

To hear the interview and music click above.


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