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No Trace of Hepatitis After a 15-Year Struggle

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Tim Smith - 700 Club Producer

For 15 years, Pati Smith suffered the anguish caused by Hepatitis C.

In 2012, her pain reached a whole new level. “I’d been having pains in my liver; really sharp pains that would take my breath away. It was like a needle going through me.
And I was concerned about it, because that hadn’t happened before.”

Her doctor prescribed a new regimen of treatments, but Pati had to have a blood test done first.

During that time, Pati often watched The 700 Club. One day, Gordon caught her attention. “It was the segment of the program where he invites people to pray.”

Gordon said, “If you have a need for physical healing, I ask you to lay your hand on that area of the body. The Bible says, ‘lay hands on the sick, and you’ll see them recover.’ So I ask you to do that.” 

“I kind of looked around to make sure nobody was in the room with me. And I put my hand right here where my liver is.”

Gordon continued, “God cares for you. He wants to provide all your need according to His riches in glory. So let’s pray.”

Pati tells how her story unfolded. “I don’t recall having any pains after that. Two weeks later, my doctor calls me herself, which was unusual in itself, because she usually had her nurse call me.”

“She said, ‘I got the results back from the blood test in the liver clinic and they’re very interesting.’”

“I said, ‘oh yeah?’”

“She said, ‘who told you you have Hepatitis C?’”

“I said, ‘for the last 15 years, every doctor, every clinic, every hospital, every drug program, they all took blood and they all came back and said, ‘you know you have Hepatitis C, don’t you?’ And I said, ‘I’ve got documentation.”

“She said, ‘well I don’t know what happened, but you don’t have it any more.’”

“I said, ‘can I have that in writing?’ she said, ‘yes’. So I have it. ‘None detected.’”

Pati and her husband Randolph now lead very active lives - together.

“I am free of Hepatitis C. I have not had a pain in my liver. I am able to do everything. We go swimming 3 times a week. We work out. Life is getting better all the time. It’s just a total freedom.”

Looking back, Pati says she learned something new about God. “He knows who you are. He knew who I was. And that alone was so surprising and humbling. Because I realized that He had just been waiting for me to acknowledge Him and to turn it over to Him. I didn’t have to talk Him into it. I asked Him one time. There it is. And He’s waiting for that.”

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