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Head and Neck Pain Instantly Gone!

Joanne West had grown accustomed to pain after losing her son to an illness in September of 2013.

“Greg had been sick for quite a while. He drifted away and went to meet the Lord. It was very hard for me to take. Every time I’d think about him, it got harder and harder. I became angry after a while,” says West. “I worked feverously on the property. I worked very hard to forget him and try to keep him off my mind. I questioned God a lot. I wondered why. I would never have thought that would have affected me physically. But now I know it did.”

The physical pain came six months later, after working around the house.

“Out of the clear blue came this terrible cramp in my neck. I came back in the house and I tried moving my head. And it wouldn’t move. It was so stiff. I was doing very little after that. I couldn’t drive,” she remembers, “I couldn’t talk with anybody. And of course I was still bitter, still angry. I realized it was way down deep and I didn’t realize how deep it really was.”

Her neck pain continued, until the evening before a doctor’s visit when Joanne was taken by surprise!

“I turned the channel to Pat Robertson, 700 Club. And they were in the process of praying. And Pat said, ‘Someone out there has a difficulty in their neck.’”

“It was just something and you just jerked you neck and all of a sudden you’ve been having these headaches.  Everything is just straightened out,” Robertson said.

“Just put your hand on your neck, in the name of Jesus it is made whole.”

“I knew it was me. I knew that God had given him that message. I thanked God for that right then. He said to put your hand up on the neck and I did feel the healing. The warmth went all through me and I shook my head. I said ‘I’m healed! I’m healed!’ Instantly my head was moving. There was not a single problem. I’ve never had a problem since. And I know for a fact it was because God Almighty visited me that evening; in more ways than one.”

One healed pain caused the other to surface.

“The total power of the healing was not just in the neck. It was also in the heart,” says West. “Because after all the grief I had suffered and the sorrow, I realized He was doing an instant healing of all kinds. The miracle of the sorrow had also been healed.”

“He’s my everything. Jesus is my everything.”

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