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Saru is a widow raising her two children. Their house, made of bamboo and palm leaves was built by her late husband.

“I got so scared when the wind and rain came and blew my house so hard that it shook. There was also water leaking through the roof. I tried to fix the holes in the roof, but there were so many. I don’t have money to build another house.”

Saru works hard to support her children. 

“I work in the rice field.  On days I work I earn about $2.50.  Last year I only worked for 70 days out of the whole year.”

This is 4-year-old boy Kongkea.

“When it rains I had to stay in the house. The roof leaks and the house moves. I am afraid my house will fall down.”

So Operation Blessing built the family a new house with solid walls and a metal door and roof.

“I never dreamed that I would have a house like this! I am at a loss for words,” says Saru.

“I am not afraid like I was before,” says Kongkea. “I love this new house.  Thank you so much to the people who built it for us!” 

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