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Emily says, even though being a single mom is challenging, her daughter, Addie, is the best part of her life.

"She’s absolutely amazing,” said Emily. “She is just so kindhearted, she’s hilarious, she’s sassy, she’s incredible, she’s my entire world.”

Before the pandemic, Emily worked multiple jobs just to get by.

“It is so tough sometimes,” said Emily. “It’s hard having to balance working two jobs, still trying to be a full-time mom to her, as well. It’s a crazy life!” she laughed.

When businesses began shutting down due to Covid-19, her finances took a huge hit. 

Emily explained, “My hours were way less. My second job at the time, we were all laid off, because of the pandemic. I was like, ‘I don’t know how I’m going to keep a roof over our head, I don’t know how I’m going to keep food on the table for us.’ Paying bills was the most stressful thing at that point. Getting farther and farther behind on things and then being like, ‘How am I gonna get groceries? Am I gonna get food or am I gonna pay for the electricity?’ It was very scary.”

That was when she found out about Buist Community Assistance Center, an Operation Blessing partner.

Emily said, “It's been such a huge help for us, for one less thing to worry about. The volunteers were the sweetest people. They would just load up the groceries in the car for us, and when I went, I was kind of anticipating a couple of grocery bags. They filled my car up. I was so blown away by it. When I drove away from them that first time, I was like, ‘I can breathe again.’ I knew it was gonna change our lives, and it did.”

Emily is working again, and with the help of Operation Blessing, is able to make sure Addie has everything she needs. She says she’s grateful for the Operation Blessing partners who make it all possible.

Emily said, “Being able to come and load up a grocery cart full of food, I cannot even explain the feeling. I want to say, ‘Thank you so much for taking that burden off of me, especially through the pandemic and even going forward. It’s helping me set up a great future for my child. This, honestly, can change somebody’s life.’”

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