Singing to the Heart of America

Aaron: Singer, latest CD/DVD combo, Hard Workin’ Man (Gaither Music Group, 2022)/ Grew up singing with his family at revivals and church camps/ 27 years as a contractor in Indiana / Married to Tamra, three children / Formed “The Singing Contractors” in 2015/ Performed for VP Mike Pence, and the Indiana Pacers / Seen on Fox & Friends, Good Morning America, in People magazine, over 100 million youtube views / Performed at the Grand Ole Opry.    

Josh: Singer, latest CD/DVD combo, Hard Workin’ Man (Gaither Music Group, 2022)/ Also grew up singing with his family at church camps and meetings / 19 years as a contractor / Married to Alicia, four children / Formed “The Singing Contractors” in 2015 / Performed for VP Mike Pence and at an Indiana Pacers game / Seen on Fox & Friends, Good Morning America, in People magazine, over 100 million youtube views / Performed at the Grand Ole Opry.       

Instant Fame

When Aaron and Josh decided to post a video of themselves singing “How Great Thou Art” on Youtube in 2015, the furthest thing from their minds was a singing career. “There was no thought of turning it into something,” Josh says. However, the video went “viral," eliciting sixty thousand views by the next day, and eventually sixty million.  

Calls began to come in from media outlets, the governor's mansion, conventions, lumber yards, golf clubs, etc., all wanting to hear more of the builders who sing. Someone on social media called them “The Singing Contractors,” and the name stuck. Since that first video, the duo has received wide acclaim, winning people over with their “everyday Joe” humor and hitting number 1 on Billboard’s music video charts across all genres.  

The duo also took the number one spot on Nielsen SoundScan Southern Gospel Album and Christian Music Video charts and won Favorite New Artist at the 2019 Singing News Fan Awards.  

The Goal 

Though both Aaron and Josh love to sing, there’s much more to their music career than personal enjoyment. Their desire to share their faith in Jesus Christ and point people to Him is what makes the time and effort worthwhile.

Aaron explains his reason for taking on this second career: “To see someone saved, reach people who are lost, encourage them, and share the good news.” He adds that people often tell them not to stop doing what they’re doing, and realizes that they’re reaching people with more than beautiful music, but a message of hope and truth.  

Josh says that his motivation is to give hope in this world. “We always want to lift up Jesus.” He recounts the time that a woman wrote on their Facebook page that she was ready to commit suicide and listened to their songs. “She said God spoke to her,” Josh recalls. They kept in contact with her for months and rejoiced as the Lord restored her.   

Hard Workin’ Man

For their latest CD/DVD combo, Hard Workin’ Man, Josh and Aaron put their unique twist on country music classics such as “Back Home Again,” “Forever and Ever Amen,” “Lean on Me,” and other songs that inspired them to be the hard-working men they are today. Those signature renditions include a guest vocal from country music legend Merle Haggard on their rendition of “That’s the Way Love Goes.”

Teaming up with veteran producer Michael Sykes to create Hard Workin’ Man they showcase the harmonies that made their videos go viral. Josh shares, “Working as contractors while getting to sing and perform, we can relate to how many of our listeners feel day in and day out. We selected these songs with the hope they will mean as much to listeners as they have meant to us.”

Filmed at the Gaither Music Studio and directed by Doug Stuckey, the DVD and TV special feature performances from The Singing Contractors and conversations with host/singer/songwriter Woody Wright about the history and inspiration behind Hard Workin’ Man. Gospel music legend Bill Gaither also makes a special appearance as he joins The Singing Contractors and Wright for a memorable rendition of "He Touched Me."

Challenging Times

Covid was very challenging for Aaron and Josh. When everything shut down so did many of their singing opportunities. It was very discouraging. In addition, both families contracted the coronavirus but Josh was hit the hardest. He explains, “At one point, it was so bad that I could barely move.” They both leaned on their faith during these hard times like they have so many times before. “We don’t know how people make it through without God,” they add. 

During Covid when they weren’t traveling as much, they used their time wisely by not only working as contractors by day but by pouring a lot into their latest album Hard Workin’ Man. They admit, “We think it’s our best album yet.”

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