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CENSORED: Big Tech Removes Conservative Scholar's Book on Transgenderism

Amazon has removed a conservative author’s best-selling book about the transgender movement without offering him any notice or explanation.

CBN NewsWatch PM: February 23, 2021

The President Nominee for Health Secretary Faces Criticism for stand on Abortion. Testimony begins in the Congressional Hearing in Capitol Riots. Republicans Blast Democratic COVID-19 Stimulus Bill. San Francisco School Board Puts Renaming School on Hold. Growing Censorship on Conservative Ideas from Big Tech Companies. Iran ends it’s agreement on short notice inspections for the Atomic Energy Agency. ISIS targets oil reserves in Mozambique. Researchers in France test why some COVID patients los

Awake & Alive to Truth with John Cooper

In John Cooper’s book, “Awake & Alive to Truth,” he differentiates between a corrupted culture centered around ‘self’ and God’s loving and unchanging truth.

Mark Batterson: Win the Day

Mark Batterson's book, "Win the Day," helps one achieve long-term goals by persevering through daily habits.

Erin Weidemann’s “Ringleaders: The Adventures of Rooney Cruz”

In her book “Ringleaders: The Adventures of Rooney Cruz,” Erin Weidemann inspires young girls to recognize their self-worth and develop godly character traits.

Studio 5: Sounds Fun - February 10, 2021

Author and podcaster Annie F. Downs shares her new book That Sounds Fun. The creator and cast of Minari give us behind the scenes look at the movie. And attorney Bryan Stevenson, Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Foxx talk about Just Mercy.

Migrant Muslims on the Prowl: 'These Men Act in Groups and Start Hunting, Treating the Women Like Prey'

From London to Vienna to Stockholm, young migrant men, mostly from Muslim-majority countries, are targeting white women for sexual violence and harassment. 

Jason Brown on "Centered: Trading Your Plans for a Life that Matters"

In his book, "Centered: Trading Your Plans for a Life that Matters,” Jason Brown discusses retiring from the NFL to pursue God’s call on his life.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck's "Flashlight Night"

In Elisabeth Hasselbeck's children's book, "Flashlight Night," she helps children navigate the uncertainties of life and process fear through faith.

Tim Tebow on 'Bronco and Friends: A Party to Remember'

Tim Tebow children's book, "Bronco and Friends: A Party to Remember," will brighten your day and encourage children to recognize their innate value and unique purpose.

Tana Amen: The Relentless Courage of a Scared Child

In her book, “The Relentless Courage of a Scared Child,” Tana Amen, wife of renowned psychiatrist and brain health expert Dr. Daniel Amen, shares how she overcame childhood trauma through faith and therapy and discovered her purpose to help others heal with food.

Super Sanitizing in the Age of COVID: Can You Be Too Clean?

n the last decade, health experts touted the benefits of having plenty of good bacteria in the gut.  They say having a diverse gut microbiome strengthens the immune system.  As it turns out, a diverse microbiome in our environment operates the same way. In other words, there are plenty of good bugs all around us that can help us fight off disease.  

Studio 5: Begin Again - January 27, 2021

It’s a new chapter for the NFL’s Philip Rivers as he leaves football. The film Dara of Jasenovac takes a unique look at the Holocaust. And actors Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne takes us to the set of their film Instant Family.

Labeling Millennials God’s Way

Author Arden Bevere discusses his new book that challenges negative labels assigned to millennials and replaces them with a God-given identity.

Prepare for Persecution: Domestic Terror Law, Big Tech, and Big Media May Target Christians

Now that Joe Biden has been sworn in as the nation's forty-sixth president, what may lie ahead for the United States? Will Americans experience greater freedom and prosperity, or might Big Tech help government impose more restrictions that help to create a new totalitarian normal?

'Reading His Word Gives Peace:' Bible Sales Surge as Many Turn to Good Book During Covid Turmoil

Bible sales and Bible reading have surged since April of 2020. That was a time when much of the world began to experience shutdowns due to COVID-19.


Your Questions, Honest Answers: - February 22, 2021


Studio 5: Sounds Fun - February 10, 2021

Author and podcaster Annie F. Downs shares her new book That Sounds Fun. The creator and cast of Minari give us behind the scenes look at the movie. And attorney Bryan Stevenson, Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Foxx talk about Just Mercy.

'It's Never Too Late': At 67, Kathie Lee Shares Thoughts on Living a Life that Matters

Entertainer Kathie Lee Gifford talks with CBN's Efrem Graham about her new memoir, It's Never Too Late: Make Your Next Act of Life, Your Best Act of Life.

Prayer Link - December 22, 2020

Studio 5’s Efrem Graham talks new holiday movies and music.

Prayer Link - December 15, 2020

Studio 5’s Efrem Graham talks new holiday movies and music.

The Global Lane - EP423 - December 10, 2020

Biden & Israel--back to Obama era chill? Unconstitutional election actions. Texas takes case to SCOTUS; New Covid lockdown for California. Restrictions for thee, but not for me? Hallmark Christmas movie ending for Illinois boy Santa made cry.

TPi - Pursue Your Dreams

Sope Aluko shares her journey to becoming an actress and landing a dream role in the mega-hit movie Black Panther.

Movie Star Bails on Anti-Trafficking Charity Over False 'Anti-Gay' Claims

Hollywood star Melissa McCarthy gave into her critics late last week, pulling her support from Exodus Cry, a faith-based nonprofit organization dedicated to fighting human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

CBN NewsWatch PM: October 21, 2020

A look at the growing health and financial concerns of Americans with COVID19 as Congress and The White House battle over another stimulus package. Both parties hit the campaign trail two weeks out from the presidential election. The FBI takes possession of Hunter Biden’s laptop with potential controversial information. Amy Coney Barrett is set to be confirmed next week. The Pope calls for civil unions for gay couples. The lockdown in Israel eases. Violence in Nigeria and what’s behind it and wh

Fan Appreciation Day - The Superbook Show

Josh and Miriam share emails and videos from our fans all around the world.

The 700 Club - September 10, 2020

Movie star Kevin Sorbo shares about his new movie, “Miracle in East Texas,” and the surprise he has in store for moviegoers. Plus, a shocking rescue unfolds when an EMT responding to a car crash identifies the victim as his own cousin.

CBN NewsWatch AM: August 17, 2020

Violence and rioting over the weekend in several cities across the nation. How are mayors handling the unrest? Good news in regard to fighting COVID19 when it comes to immunity for those with mild cases. A huge victory for Grace Community Church in its religious freedoms and right to gather. The DNC kicks of its first of a kind virtual convention. What Paypal is doing to accommodate faith. The battle over making Washington, D.C. the 51st state in the nation. How one ministry is helping the peop

Commemorating Courage in the Face of Danger

As we celebrate the 75th anniversary of the end of WWII, movie producer Jon Erwin shares the story of his late grandfather, Red Erwin, and what he did to be awarded the Medal of Honor.

CBN NewsWatch PM: August 10, 2020

Concerns about COVID worry parents and students as “back-to-school” season is underway. The politics behind treating the virus with hydroxychloroquine. The latest research on Churches and dealing with the pandemic. From riots to revival in Portland, Oregon. What Tyler Perry thinks about defunding police departments. Franklin Graham issues a call to prayer for America. The latest from the Middle East on Lebanon and how the nation there is collapsing. The story behind Amazon Prime pulling a ProLif

700 Club Interactive - July 27, 2020

Natasha Bure, daughter of Candace Cameron Bure, will discuss her faith and new movie Home Sweet Home.


TPi - Becoming a World Changer

In a twist of events, a man’s hit list becomes a prayer list.

700 Club Interactive - February 26, 2021

Music man Rodney Stepp battled COVID-19 for over 40 days. Through prayer and expert care, he gained health and a new song to share.

Studio 5: Barrett Is Back - February 24, 2021

Recording artist Pat Barrett has new music to share. We’re going behind-the-scenes of the new Disney film Raya and the Last Dragon. And we’re celebrating Black History Month with a look at the making of the film The Butler.

'Good, Good Father' Writer Pat Barrett Opens up About His Latest Worship Music

Worship leader and recording artist Pat Barrett gave the world the unforgettable  song "Good Good Father." And this week, he has some new music to share. It's his sophomore, solo project, and it is called "Act Justly, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly."

TPi - The Fight Of Your Life

A woman diagnosed with cancer shares the one thing that carried her through the darkest time of her life.

Studio 5: Penguin Bloom

Actress Naomi Watts shares her new film Penguin Bloom. Alyson Hannigan, Ben Schwartz and Matilda Lawler give us a look at Disney’s Flora & Ulysses. And director Kasi Lemmons tells the story of Harriet Tubman with actress Cynthia Erivo.

'This World Has Lost a Light in the Darkness': Iconic Christian Music Artist Carman Dies After Health Crisis

Trailblazing Christian music artist Carman Licciardello, known to fans simply as Carman, has died.

TPi - Don’t Do Life Alone

A little boy drowns while on a family vacation, but something miraculous happens when his sister begins to sing.

TPi - The Race Isn’t Over

A woman discovers how to put the pieces of her life back together after being sexually assaulted multiple times.

Dinner Date by the Fireplace

Enjoy some romantic dinner music with some thoughtful conversation questions by a beautiful fireplace scene.

TPi - The Road To Stardom

Comedian, actor, and host of the hit game show, Family Feud, Steve Harvey, share the turning points in his life that propelled him to stardom.

TPi - A Father’s Love

A couple believes against all odds to have a child.

TPi - A Perfect Fit

A husband and wife struggle to repair their marriage after a secret affair is revealed.

Studio 5: Come Alive

Pastor Matthew Stevenson takes us inside the inaugural project for All Nations Music, Come Alive. Tom Hanks shares the story behind his latest film News of the World. And we meet the man behind the Disney film Safety, Ray McElrathbey.


'Beginning of the End of Women's Sports': House Passes Equality Act, Opponents Sound Alarm

On Thursday, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Equality Act that will now head to the Senate where it would need 60 votes in order to pass. 

'Fairness for All' Seen as Equality Act Alternative: Civil Liberties for LGBTQ, Protections for People of Faith

Lawmakers in Washington, D.C. are getting ready to decide on a landmark piece of LGBTQ legislation that would crush religious liberty.

'Fact-Checking' for Profit: Conservatives Call out Big Tech Funded Censorship

The term "fact-check" is one that's become trendy, especially in recent years. Now, conservatives are sounding the alarm about the power these Big Tech appointed fact-checkers wield.

CBN NewsWatch AM: February 11, 2021

On Newswatch AM February 11th: A closer look at the threat from a top Iranian official to build a nuclear weapon if international sanctions aren’t lifted; CBN Middle East Bureau Chief Chris Mitchell discusses the concerns over Iran’s nuclear threat; Democrats wrapping up impeachment case against Trump, now the former President’s defense will make its case; Dallas Mavericks will now play the national anthem before games after NBA reverses its position; President Biden’s climate agenda will be exp

Prayer Link - February 9, 2021

Hear how the cancellation of youth sports has affected more than just the social lives of young people and how churches can help.

'Equality Upside-Down': What Could Happen with President Biden's LGBTQ Executive Order

On Jan. 20th, Kamala Harris made history for millions of girls and women who had long dreamed of a woman vice president. Hours later, however, a newly sworn-in President Biden would fundamentally alter their rights, with an LGBTQ executive order designed to open up school bathrooms, locker rooms and sports to any student of any sex.

Faith Nation: January 25, 2021

The latest on impeachment efforts against former President Trump in Congress. Moderna says it’s vaccine can still fight variants of COVID19. A new stimulus package may be on the way. President Biden rolls back military transgender restrictions. Plus, a look at new trends with transgender biological men playing women’s sports and what it could mean. Former Trump Press Secretary Sarah Sanders announces her run for Arkansas Governor. A look at the latest run to the border by illegal immigrants wit

'The End of Girls' and Women's Sports as We Know Them': Biden Signs Divisive Exec. Order Pushing Trans Agenda

In the first few hours following his inauguration on Wednesday, President Joe Biden kept several campaign promises by signing 15 executive orders and two agency actions. It was the most executive orders ever signed by a president on his first day in office. Even though Biden touted unity in his inaugural address, he signed his name to an order recognized by some conservatives as mandating the highly divisive transgender agenda at the expense of freedom and even women's rights.  

CBN NewsWatch AM: January 8, 2021

Demands for the President to resign have mounted, Israel is working to stop the spread of the Coronavirus, The COVID pandemic has upended the lives of millions of millennials, The sports world is reacting to the events at the US Capitol on Wednesday, A skating rink owner in Poland says he's found a way to open.

The 700 Club - October 19, 2020

Author Robert Morgan reveals the side of American history that’s not being taught in schools. Plus, CBN Sports visits football’s hallowed ground where players become legends. Go behind the scenes with Pro Football Hall of Fame President, David Baker.

Fan Appreciation Day - The Superbook Show

Josh and Miriam share emails and videos from our fans all around the world.

Idaho Judge Blocks Transgender Law Barring Biological Males from Competing in Women's Sports

A federal judge on Monday temporarily blocked an Idaho law that prohibits transgender athletes from participating in women's sports. 

A Pandemic of Depression: CDC Reveals Huge Numbers of Young People Consider Suicide Due to COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting changes to American life, including business and school closures, canceling entertainment and sports venues, as well as lockdowns, are taking a toll on the mental health of young people.


'Outright Censorship': D. James Kennedy Ministries Says It Was 'Forced Off' Lifetime TV

Earlier this month, the Lifetime cable network reportedly gave an ultimatum to D. James Kennedy Ministries (DJKM) to eliminate all "controversial" content from Truths That Transform, its weekly half-hour Christian television series, or the ministry's program would be pulled from the network. 

The 700 Club - October 1, 2020

Take a journey through broadcast history as CBN marks 59 years on the air. From a small television signal that barely went around the block to one heard around the world. Happy birthday CBN!

Here Are the Tense Takeaways from Trump and Biden's First Presidential Debate

It was one of the most highly anticipated events of the campaign as President Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden faced off in their first debate. For more than 90 minutes, Trump and Biden went back and forth on the coronavirus, economy, supreme court, and taxes. 

Veteran Evangelist, TV Producer Gives Teenagers 'A Safe Place Online'

Evangelist Tim Bisagno is the founder of Mission X Television, a television show aimed at reaching people for Christ. According to Bisagno, Mission X has produced and aired more than 200 episodes in the last 25 years.

Last January, he founded A Safe Place Online, a 24/7 live chat and text ministry designed to help hurting young people. 

Spiritual 'Pandemic of Hope' Grips Iran as Thousands Accept Jesus Christ Amidst COVID-19

Iran is facing a wave of internal turmoil and covert attacks that are undermining the radical regime's nefarious plans. Even as the violence escalates, hope is rising among Iranian citizens who are finding salvation in Jesus Christ.

The 2020 Campaign Begins: Trump, Biden Hold Dueling Press Conferences

The race for the White House is heating up as President Trump and his 2020 rival Joe Biden sparred, Tuesday during dueling press conferences.

TPi - It’s Supernatural

Legendary Evangelist and host of “It’s Supernatural” shares his experience with the paranormal.

Seeing Clearly the Goodness of God

Vaida suffered from a puffy, irritated eye until a prayer on television literally changed her outlook.

CBN Global Update: June 8, 2020


700 Club Interactive - April 21, 2020

After a week of horrible swelling and pain, see how Julia Bratcher’s knee is healed while watching Television.

TPi - Real Talk Kim takes the TPi Stage

Popular Pastor, Author, and Television Personality Pastor Kim, better known as Real Talk Kim, shares how her journey to Christ.

Life-Changers: Journey to India

Gordon Robertson tells Jessica Datsko about his first trip to India. Take a look at how CBN teams share good news on television and through the work of Operation Blessing.

Trump Celebrates Acquittal at White House, Apologizes to His Family for Having to Go Through 'Very Rotten Deal'

President Trump took a victory lap on Thursday, giving his first speech after being acquitted on Wednesday in the Senate. 

Dr. Dobson Asks Why Fox Says 'Yes' to Drag Queens, 'No' to Abortion Survivors in Super Bowl Ads

After Fox Sports declined to air a pro-life advocacy group's television commercial during the Super Bowl this Sunday, Dr. James Dobson, the founder and president of the James Dobson Family Institute, asked the network, "Why are you saying 'yes' to drag queens and 'no' to abortion survivors?"