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Prayer Link - September 15, 2020

Pastor Ben Courson shares about his battle with depression and the weapons to defeat it.

Prayer Link - September 8, 2020

Prayer Link - September 8, 2020

Prayer Link - September 1, 2020

Charlotte Holmes died and went to Heaven. She shares what she saw as well as the fragrance she smelled. Plus 25-year-old Josh Miles died from the flu and went straight to hell. Hear his amazing story and the message he’s sharing with the world.

Prayer Link - August 25, 2020

California Wildfires are burning out of control. Seven people are dead. Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden hashes out his party’s platform including where the party stands on LGBTQ issues. He calls the “Equality Act” the party’s number one priority. Christians fear the platform will crush religious freedom. And Bishop Harry Jackson , Jr. talks about his new book, “A Manifesto” Christian America’s Contract with Minorities and why the Black Lives Matter Movement is not the best vehicl

Prayer Link - August 18, 2020

Islamic extremists have unleashed a reign of terror in Northern Mozambique that has left a number of churches burned to the ground, people beheaded, and tens of thousands displaced and traumatized. A representative from Iris Global working in Northern Mozambique in Cabo Delgao shared about what they’re doing to help those affected by the terror. Plus Nigerian Idol’s first ever winner joins us to share how fame and fortune almost ruined her life and her amazing story of redemption.

Prayer Link - August 11, 2020

As more and more parents consider homeschooling their kids this fall due to Covid-19, Author Erin Barry offers help to those who feel overwhelmed about the prospect. She discusses her book, “Yes! You Can Homeschool: The Terrified Parent’s Companion to Homeschool Success.” Plus we sit down the ladies behind the new Podcast, “Morning Cup of Faith,” to talk prayer and getting an extra little boost of faith to overcome the challenges of the day.

Prayer Link - August 4, 2020

CBN News Medical Reporter Lorie Johnson discusses how the Covid-19 pandemic is affecting the mental health of Americans. Plus an evangelical group has kicked off a revival near Chicago in an effort to preach the gospel, heal the sick and cast demons. We talk with Garrett Peterson, one of the event's organizers.

Prayer Link - July 28, 2020

Facebook’s Nona Jones discusses how her movement “Faith and Prejudice,” is tackling racism in America – including the church. Plus Jessi Green, an organizer with the Saturate OC revival, shares an update on the revival that’s taking place in Huntington Beach CA, where hundreds of people have been gathering to worship pray and receive salvation.

Prayer Link - July 21, 2020

Pastor Mickey Stonier of Rock Church San Diego discusses how despite being forced to closed its doo due to the pandemic, his church is reaching out to its community. Plus Fitness Coach Kim Dolan Leto shares how getting fit is more than just watching what you eat.

Prayer Link – Dr. Don Colbert’s Advice on Sending Kids Back to School - July 1

Dr. Don Colbert shares how parents can have peace about sending their kids back to school this Fall. Plus, African American Parents often talk with their kids about how to interact with police. Author Sanya Whitaker Gragg wrote a book out the conversation with the goal of helping black youth and men get home safely.

Prayer Link – Pastor Ministers on Frontlines of Chicago Violence - July 7, 202

Pastor Corey Brooks of Chicago, IL reaches out to gang members for his ministry on the frontlines in the gun war in Chicago. He says building such relationships is key to ending the violence. Plus Pastor Joshua Giles gives an update on the revival in Minneapolis and why he believes it’s the start of something greater.

Prayer Link – Incredible Testimonies of God’s Power - June 30, 2020

Natalie Valcarcel had an eighteen pound tumor sitting on her uterus. She clung to a promise from God for healing. See how God delivered in an incredible way. Plus, Seth Alfaro was miraculously healed after he leaped twenty feet from a building.

Prayer Link – Senate Chaplain Barry Black's Prayer for America - June 23, 2020

U.S. Senate Chaplain Barry Black shares his hope and prayer for America amid growing racial and political division. Plus, Amazon Prime features stories of Former Homosexuals and Pulse Nightclub Survivors.

Prayer Link – Revival Happening at Site of George Floyd Memorial - June 16, 2020

Revival is taking in Minneapolis at the site of George Floyd’s memorial and it’s bringing white and black Christians together. We talk to the power couple behind the movement. Plus a North Carolina pastor says the racial tension playing out in America can only be defeated with spiritual weapons.

Prayer Link – NC Town Takes Steps To Heal Racial Divide - June 9, 2020

The small town of Cary, North Carolina takes a major step toward healing the racial divide following the death of George Floyd. It’s a move echoed in the biblical story of how Jesus washed his disciples feet. Plus how a black man became friends with members of the Ku Klux Klan.

Prayer Link – MLB’s Barry Lyons - From Drugs to God - June 2, 2020

Former New York Mets baseball player Barry Lyons shares how God delivered him from drugs and alcohol and healed him after the suicide of his brother. Plus, Pastor Dimas Salaberrios of New York’s Infinity Church and author of Street God discusses how he was able to pray for protestors and police in Minneapolis after the death of George Floyd and why the church should do more to help bring healing.