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Prayer Link - October 12, 2021

Brooke Riley is a working mom of two, who several years ago, left the safety and comfort of a full time job to launch a DIY craft blog. Her job had put so much stress on her that at just 29, she suffered a mini-stroke! Her faith in the Lord fueled her to find a better way to share her God-given gifts. Today she's the CEO and founder of Re-fabbed - a do it yourself/decorarting blog and on-line women's boutique, both 7-figure businesses with a social media following spanning millions of people.

Prayer Link - October 5, 2021

Bishop Wellington Boone says God is getting ready to do things that will amaze us. He’s calling believers to get ready for a unique gathering on the tenth day of the tenth month for 10 hours!

Prayer Link - September 28, 2021

Pastor Greg Laurie of Harvest Church shares about the return of SoCal Harvest after Covid shut it down last year and his expectations for the event.

Prayer Link - September 21, 2021

Hear how YouVersion has partnered with Bible translation groups to get the Word of God translated into 95 percent of the world’s languages by 2033.

Prayer Link - September 14, 2021

Hear why thousands of farmers, loggers, ranchers and more in the agricultural industry are getting together in Albany, Oregon on Sept. 21st, to pray to the Lord of the Harvest. Tim Aman with Farmers United explains.

Prayer Link - September 7, 2021

Prayer Link - September 7, 2021

Prayer Link - August 31, 2021

Mark Richt has 35 years of experience coaching some of the most well-known teams in college football. He once served as head coach at the University of Georgia and the University of Miami. So, he knows a thing or two about making on the spot decisions. In his new book, “Make the Call: Game Day Wisdom for Life’s Defining Moments, “ he shares pivotal moments from his life both on and off the field and how his faith guides his moves.

Prayer Link - August 24, 2021

As Summer winds down, students across the country are preparing to return to the classroom. The ministries of Campus Renewal and Every Student Sent are equipping students by connecting them to communities of faith.

Prayer Link - August 17, 2021

A recent study shows that one in seven young people have sent a “sext.” And the problem has only gotten worse during the pandemic. The app called Canopy blocks 99 percent of pornography online and can prevent sexting by detecting an inappropriate text before it is sent. Matt Gore, Director of Engagement at Canopy shares how the app is helping parents and teens navigate the internet safely. Plus 40 Days for Life President Shawn Carney shares about his new book, “What to Say When: The Complete N

Prayer Link - August 10, 2021

Hear about the move of God happening in New York – complete with signs, wonders, and miracles and why organizers hope to see it spread.

Prayer Link - August 3, 2021

Hear how one ministry is leveraging mainstream media and technology to carry the powerful, unchanging, life-transforming message of Christ’s love to youth and young adults.

Prayer Link - July 27, 2021

CBN Sports reporter Shawn Brown shares on the latest about the Summer Olympics and the faith of some of the Christian athletes taking part. Plus, we hear from a prayer leader about the prayer event at in the heart of America and why some traveled miles to be there.

Prayer Link - July 20, 2021

At a time of high anxiety and despair due to the pandemic, a new study found that people who engage with scripture are more hopeful. Dr. John Plake of the American Bible Society breaks down the findings. Plus Kelly Lake was raped as a teen, had multiple abortions, became addicted to drugs, and lived a homosexual lifestyle. She shares her amazing story of redemption and healing and how she’s helping others to find freedom.

Prayer Link - July 13, 2021

Author Sharon Hodde Miller shares from her book, “Free of Me: Why Life is Better When It’s Not About You.” Plus meet the woman who turned the pain of losing her sister and two children into purpose.

Prayer Link - July 6, 2021

Prayer Link - July 6, 2021

Prayer Link - June 29, 2021

Best-selling author William Federer is on a mission to debunk cancel culture. He lays out America’s “Miraculous Milestones” in science, medicine and more as he discusses the vital role faith played in our country’s greatest achievements