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TPi - The Power of Forgiveness

TPi highlights Emanuel, a documentary about the tragic shooting of nine people at South Carolina Church, and how forgiveness transformed a city.

TPi - Child Like Faith

Creator of the mega-hit children’s animation Veggie Tales, Phil Vischer, shares his latest project. A woman saves her 9-year old son from the jaws of a cougar.

TPi - It’s Supernatural

Legendary Evangelist and host of “It’s Supernatural” shares his experience with the paranormal.

TPi - A Life Restored

A woman suffering from a headache discovers she has an inoperable brain tumor. Worship Leader Phil Thompson performs the Christian Anthem My Worship.

TPi - Believe the Impossible

Despite being told she could never have a child, a woman chooses to believe for the impossible. Grammy Award-Winning artist, Jekalyn Carr, joins Muyiwa in the studio.

TPi - Choose to Forgive

A woman’s refusal to forgive causes her to become physically ill.

TPi - Leaving a Legacy

Myles Munroe Jr., son of renowned Pastor, Myles Munroe joins TPI to discuss the impact of his father’s ministry and legacy.

TPi - A Life’s Song

Singer Jenny Weaver shares how she went from homeless and drug-addicted to leading thousands of followers in praise and worship on Social Media.

TPi - Divine Protection

A young woman discovers a new life after escaping a sex trafficking ring.

TPi - A Second Chance at Life

A South African Woman's life is restored after nearly being burned alive by her husband.

TPi - The Way Maker

International Worship Leader and writer of the mega-hit song “WayMaker” shares the inspiration behind this world-wide anthem.

TPi - Transformed By Grace

An Atheist scholar decides to research the validity of the crucifixion; what he discovers transforms his life.

TPi - Strength For The Journey Ahead

A woman haunted by childhood neglect and severe abuse seeks solace in drugs, which takes her on a 15-year addiction and manages to get her life back.

TPi - Revive Us Again

Pastor, Worship Leader, and author William McDowell sits down with Erica Linney to discuss the revival taking place at his church. Internationally known Prophetess and author Francina Norman shares valuable lessons of ministry with Muyiwa from her book "Signature of a Prophet."

TPi - Real Talk Kim takes the TPi Stage

Popular Pastor, Author, and Television Personality Pastor Kim, better known as Real Talk Kim, shares how her journey to Christ.

TPi - Gay Girl-Good God

Prolific author and poet, Jackie Hill Perry talks about her book Gay Girl – Good God.