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TPi - Becoming a World Changer

In a twist of events, a man’s hit list becomes a prayer list.

TPi - The Fight Of Your Life

A woman diagnosed with cancer shares the one thing that carried her through the darkest time of her life.

TPi - Don’t Do Life Alone

A little boy drowns while on a family vacation, but something miraculous happens when his sister begins to sing.

TPi - The Race Isn’t Over

A woman discovers how to put the pieces of her life back together after being sexually assaulted multiple times.

TPi - The Road To Stardom

Comedian, actor, and host of the hit game show, Family Feud, Steve Harvey, share the turning points in his life that propelled him to stardom.

TPi - A Father’s Love

A couple believes against all odds to have a child.

TPi - A Perfect Fit

A husband and wife struggle to repair their marriage after a secret affair is revealed.

TPi - Pure and Simple

Pastor, Author, and TV Host Stephanie Ike shares the importance of living a life of purity.

TPi - Enough Is Enough

TPi takes a closer look at the social justice movement in Nigeria.

TPi - Walking Down Memory Lane with Muyiwa

Muyiwa shares his favorite stories and moments while hosting TPi.

TPi - Merry Christmas

The TPi team celebrates the Christmas Season.

TPi - Walking Down Memory Lane with Senior Producer Erica Linney

Senior Producer, Erica Linney, reflects on her favorite TPi stories and memories.

TPi - Walking Down Memory Lane with Producer Simisola Okai

Producer Simisola Okai shares her favorite TPi stories and memories.

TPi - World Changers

Mega Pastor, Toure Roberts, shares the emotional pain of growing up without a father.

TPi - Pursue Your Dreams

Sope Aluko shares her journey to becoming an actress and landing a dream role in the mega-hit movie Black Panther.

TPi - It’s Not Over

Blinded at birth, a young woman supernaturally regains her eyesight.