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Young Girl Regains Joy of Childhood After Miracle Healing

Ciara Ivey was three years old when her mother Charity noticed blood in Ciara’s stool.

Charity: “Other symptoms started with nausea and shaking and vomiting and dizziness and pain in her stomach. It was day-in and day-out. It was like an all-day thing. She would just come to me out of the blue and say, ‘My stomach's hurting.’”
Ciara: “It stung. It started right here, and it moved down.”

Charity: “We started taking her to the doctor, and they couldn't find out what was wrong with her. It was very scary.”

Over the next two years, Ciara’s symptoms worsened. Each time Charity took her to the pediatrician, she came home with more questions than answers.

Charity: “I would have to sit with my daughter on the couch and hold her cause she was in pain and she was dizzy and she was asking me, ‘Mom, am I going to be okay?’"
Ciara: “It made me feel sad. I really couldn't go to sleep at night. I really couldn't play hard. None of that stuff.”

Charity: “She was asking me why this was happening and what was wrong with her, and I couldn't tell her.”

Then, when Ciara was five, doctors finally reached a diagnosis – Ciara had a hiatal hernia. They prescribed a medication to help relieve the pain and recommended a strict diet. Neither, however, brought much relief to Ciara.

Charity: “Surgery for Ciara was the last option. And I knew that I needed an answer from God real soon. And I'd start praying over her. When you're praying you're wondering, you want it to happen now. And doctors are good, but they're not God.”

Charity and her family continued to trust god for Ciara’s healing. Then on August 4, 2015, they were watching The 700 Club.

Charity: “When they get ready to pray I always call, ‘We're getting ready to pray!’ So they all ran in there. I heard Pat say….

Pat Robertson: “Somebody else is being healed of a hiatal hernia. The Lord is just touching you and healing you right now, in Jesus’ Name.”

Ciara: “I was really shocked that he said that.”

Charity: “And I-I just knew – I knew it was for her. And I claimed it and I said, ‘Ciara, claim it in Jesus' name.’” 

Ciara: “And I claimed it. And I said, ‘God, thank you for healing me. I really thank you.’”

Instantly, Ciara’s symptoms subsided. Certain of her daughter’s healing, Charity scheduled an upper GI scan. Together they sat in the doctor’s office waiting for the results.

Charity: “I couldn’t wait to go and hear what God had done for her. And the doctor just looked at me like nonchalantly and said, ‘She doesn't have a hiatal hernia.’ I looked at Ciara and I just said, ‘Praise God, you're healed.’”
Ciara: “I just was so happy because he had just healed it like that.”

Charity: Instantly I knew it was Him. Cause they don't go away on their own. 

These days, Ciara is a thriving eight-year-old, and Charity could not be happier. Both are thankful that they found their hope in God.

Ciara: “Back then I couldn't even dance hard, I couldn't play hard…and now I can dance hard, play hard. God gives me hope every day.”

Charity: “Don't ever lose hope. Because God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Nothing on this earth is as amazing as He is. We have to put our faith in Him. We have to wait for Him. It's not our timing, it's His.”

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