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No Prescription Necessary for God to Heal Agonizing Rash

Sandra remembers, “It was itching to the point of practically seeing blood. I wasn’t going out. It was just too embarrassing.”

In 2006, Sandra Nazaro went to the doctor to find relief for a severe rash on her legs.

Sandra says, “I was explaining the symptoms to the doctor and he just told me, ‘Well it’s a form of eczema. He said that it can just gradually come about.’ And the best he could do was prescribe some creams for me.”

The over the counter cream the doctor prescribed didn’t work. That summer new symptoms appeared.

Sandra recalls, “I noticed blisters on my hands so I went back to the doctor and he said yes this is another form of eczema. It comes out in the heat.”

Her doctor prescribed more creams.

Sandra says, “The doctors were pretty negative. They just insisted that that’s all they can do. And that I would have to live with it.  I was too self-conscious. It was too embarrassing. I wouldn’t do anything. I felt like I was in a little bubble hiding.”

Sandra lived with the itching and embarrassment for years. During this time, she started praying and reading her bible.

Sandra shares, “I take care of the birds in the air and the flowers. How much more will I take care of you? That kept coming around in my head. And I said, ‘Well I know He loves me so I’ll keep praying.’ That’s all I can do.”

Then one day, she was watching the 700 Club.

Sandra remembers, “Then the word of knowledge came on and Gordon started talking about someone with eczema.”

Gordon says, “There’s someone with a skin condition and it’s causing bubbles on the skin. It’s like they’re filled with fluid and God is healing that. He is taking that all away from you right now. In Jesus’ name, be healed. Amen.”

Sandra says, “I kind of jumped up and down claiming it. I couldn’t believe it. Out of everyone that was watching you paid attention to me. I knew God was doing something for me as soon as I started feeling the tingling on my legs. I knew it was happening. He was healing me maybe it wasn’t right away but He was working.”  

Within six months all of her symptoms of eczema were completely gone.

Sandra recalls, “My confidence came back. I was not embarrassed anymore. I was very excited.

Sandra offers encouragement to anyone waiting on God to heal them.

Sandra says, “I would say don’t give up. Certainly pray. And talk to Jesus. He is the best person to go to. He’s your creator. He’s a big God. I know God heals today because He healed me.” 

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