Feel Like Your Healing Can't Come Soon Enough?

CBN.com In January of 2013, Caryn Jandl was diagnosed with a severe sinus infection that drained into her lungs. A deep, painful cough kept her awake, night after night. “Emotionally, I was drained. I was frustrated and since I couldn’t sleep, I wasn’t getting my immune system back to where it should have been.”

Caryn’s doctor gave her a strong 5 day antibiotic for the infection. “I came home and I took the two azithromycin. Five o’clock came and I started coughing and I coughed all night long. Saturday morning I took the next antibiotic, and I didn’t sleep that night either. The cough seemed to be getting worse. It wasn’t getting any better.”

Caryn finished 4 days of the antibiotics, but the coughing continued. “I would lay and cry, because there was nothing else I could do. And, I would pray, ‘God, please heal me.’”

On the 5th day (of taking antibiotics), Caryn sat down to watch the 700 Club and prayed for encouragement. “I went through the program and Pat started praying for people, and I said ‘God, please let him have a word of knowledge that I’m going to be healed. Within a split second, I heard Pat. He had a Word of Knowledge that someone was crying out to God. They had a very deep, deep cough.”

Pat Robertson: “You have a deep cough. You’re coughing and crying out to God, ‘Please help me.’ You’ve been crying out to God. God has heard your prayer. You’ll feel heat and warmth into your lungs.  “In the name of Jesus, [you’re] totally healed.”

“I said, ‘God! That’s me! That is me. I’m claiming it and I praise You and I thank You.’ I said, ‘I know I am not going to cough anymore. I am claiming your healing.’ I felt a warmth go from my lungs, all the way though my rib cage and up into my chest. And, it was [snaps] just that fast. I knew when God healed me.”

That night, Caryn slept peacefully for the first time in weeks, and her cough never returned.  “I couldn’t do anything but sit and cry. And, I praised and thanked God. And, I said, ‘I know that it had to be You. You were my Healer because the antibiotics were doing nothing.’”

“It is just wonderful for me to have that great of a Friend that I can call on Him any hour of the day or night because I know His door is never closed and His phone is never off the hook. He does answer prayer. He answered it 2,000 years ago and He answers it now.”

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