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Kevin Sorbo Tackles Modern Day Racism in Latest Film

Gallows Road is set in the rustic backdrop of rural Texas, and shows how tragedy, heartbreak and the choices we make impact our lives and those around us in unimaginable ways.  With a beautiful wife, two children and a new business venture, Bob Collins (Ernie Hudson) has a wonderful life. When two racist brothers who call themselves “The Brotherhood” kill his family, Bob decides he is “done with God.” To move forward he has to learn forgiveness. 

The film is about his spiritual journey. Themes in the film are family, forgiveness, faith, and alcoholism.
Gallows Road is a hit on the festival circuit and recently received 1st Place Best Feature Film Award at the 2015 International Christian Film Festival. Set for DVD release on August 4, 2015.


Kevin is best known for his lead role in Hercules: The Legendary Journeys.  He played the muscle-bound, demi-god in the hit TV series that ran for 6 seasons which became of the highest rated syndicated TV shows in the world.  He played in Kull the Conquerer and starred in the TV series, Andromeda.  He also played in Soul Surfer, the faith-based movie about teenage surfer Bethany Hamilton who lost her arm to a shark attack when she was 13.  Most recently, Kevin played an atheist professor in the hit movie, God’s Not Dead.  “I was drawn to the part,” says Kevin.  “It’s a huge battle cry and I loved the part. It was easy for me to play the atheist because it came from me watching athesits on TV.  They’re always so angry.”  A sequel to God’s Not Dead is in the works.

Kevin grew up in a Christian home in Minnesota.  When he was 13, he attended a Billy Graham crusade and responded to the altar call.  “It was a very happy emotional night for me,” says Kevin.  “And I always remembered it.”  In college, Kevin majored in business but secretly wanted to be an actor.  So he dropped out of the university and started his acting career in the late 80s.  Eventually he moved to Hollywood.  He was turned down for the lead in 2 TV series but landed his huge break-out role as Hercules.  While filming in 1997, he met Sam Jenkins, the leading lady.  In their first scene, she made Kevin so nervous that he couldn’t remember his lines.  Soon they started dating and later married. 

While promoting his first motion picture, Kevin started getting pains in his shoulder.  Doctors thought he had a pinched nerve.  After a visit to the chiropractor, Kevin felt a voice say, Don’t let him crack your neck.  After the doctor made his adjustment, Kevin’s vision went haywire.  After a few days, Kevin’s condition worsened.  His sight began to fail and his speech was slurred.  He was admitted into the hospital where doctors found an aneurysm in his left arm.  His left side clavicle had opened up and now thousands of clots were in his arm. He had also had 3 strokes! “They thought they might have to amputate,” says Kevin.  He broke down and cried asking God to help him through this.  Soon Kevin learned to walk again.  His speech and vision improved and as he healed, Kevin’s faith grew more.  “Faith isn’t tangible,” says Kevin.  It’s something that’s a belief, something that’s inside of you.  And I needed hope and faith to keep pushing myself past every single day of what I was going through.  My true strength comes from God and certainly from my family right after that.  They’re the most important things in my life.”

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Actor, more than 40 movies and TV shows

Most recent, Gallows Road

Also known for his roles in hit TV series, Hercules, Andromeda and Kull the Conquerer

Appeared in Soul Surfer

Played atheist professor in box office hit God’s Not Dead

Wife: Sam

3 children


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