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Standing on the Promise of Healing

“I was visiting my daughter’s house in Texas. My daughter wanted to have wallpaper put up in her bathroom. And I went in there and I was on top of a ladder.  And reaching out to fix the wallpaper, it just slipped on the marble floor and it came down. And I landed on my right foot. And I shattered my right heel… so they took me to the hospital. And they operated on my foot.  And it was pretty well messed up,” said Phyllis.
Phyllis Latherow clearly remembers that day in 1995.  After a long recovery, she was able to walk well again and had no problems with her foot – until 2012.
“Every morning when I got up, I was having pain on my one side from my ankle/foot area, my knee, and my hip,” said Phyllis.  “And so I thought,  ‘Well, I’m getting arthritis…where I had injured myself.’  But going down stairs, bending down to pick up something off the floor, it was painful.”

Phyllis loves to take long walks in the woods behind her house, but found she just couldn’t manage it anymore. 

“It hurt to move, basically.  Actually I kind of accepted it. It was part of growing old, I guess,” said Phyllis.

For nearly two years, she kept going as best she could, but prayed that the Lord would take the pain away.  That day came on June 13, 2014.
“I had just come in from outside. And I just sat down and turned the television on, and it was The 700 Club. Gordon was praying, and I don’t remember the exact words that he said. But he mentioned, you know, someone being healed in their feet,” said Phyllis.

Gordon Robertson speaking: “There is someone, you’re suffering from burning feet.  You just saw that story and you’re saying, ‘Please say that.’  The soles of your feet are on fire.  And you have so much pain, it is very difficult for you to walk, and you struggle.  And God’s healing you.  You just felt that go through your feet in Jesus’ name.  You’re healed.”

“Immediately I said, ‘That’s for me.’  And I felt heat just on my whole side.  I stood up and I was praising the Lord. And I think he said something about ‘Stand up,’” said Phyllis.

Gordon Robertson:  “Stand up and do what you couldn’t do before, and realize the pain is gone.”

“And I talked back to the TV. I said, ‘I’m already standing.’  But I just knew instantly that the Lord had healed me.  I was so thrilled. And I told everybody I could talk to, what God had done for me.  From that day on, I never had any pain whatsoever in my foot or my knee or my hip. And I like to walk.  I can go on a two-hour walk normally during the week, and had absolutely no pain.  I can bend down and pick things up. Just last week I was painting the ceiling in one of my rooms, up and down the ladder, absolutely no pain.  No surgery, no pain.  He does it right,” said Phyllis. 

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