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Two Illinois pharmacy owners refuse to carry the "morning after pill," and they must fight their state for that right.

Something extraordinary happened when you joined hands with a village to rebuild 55 homes destroyed by an earthquake.

A group of wounded Marines get a respite from their long hospital stay, thanks to friends like you.

She was left in the woods to die, but when an "angel" took her in, she needed another miracle.

The Operation Blessing disaster relief team helps an elderly man clean up after the flood destroyed his home.

Surya, a leper, gets cataract surgery from Operation Blessing.

Vijay once worshipped a Hindu god, but gave his life to Christ after a friend told him about Jesus. He learned more about Jesus through CBN's "Happy...

Living on her father's income of only $3 a day, Dalin had no hope of medical treatment for her worsening eye infection. But then a miracle visited...

Two years after CBN partners provided life-saving surgery for Thao Ly, we returned to report on this young girl.

When the North Dakota flood took everything from Bob, you helped bring back his hope and gave him the strength to go on.

See how Operation Blessing payed for Andrea's life-saving surgery.

Mu receives Jesus through a church kids' program, made possible because CBN gave a grant to the church to start a profitable mushroom farm in...

7 year old Khone was bit by a scorpion while fetching water from a nearby river. That’s when you came and brought safe, clean water to a village in...

Today marks the one year anniversary of the earthquake that struck China.

See how her life changed for the better when she learned the truth about demons.

I received a notice from one of my credit card companies that it's closing my account because of inactivity. Could it hurt my credit score?


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