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It wasn't until former boxer Maurice Watkins stopped fighting God that he won the battle over his drug addiction.

James wondered if he'd die or spend the rest of his life in prison. He got down on his knees in jail, beside his bed, and cried out to God for a...

Since her husband left, Marielena's only refuge was a leaky shanty made of sticks. Discover what filled her heart with hope.The Christian...

Caleb Quaye was the lead guitarist for several major bands, yet in the midst of all that music he heard a still small voice. Also, we get financial...

Denver Nuggets trainer Steve Hess shows you how to get fit like an NBA star. Also, a miracle boy cheats death, not once but multiple times.

The co-author of The Ten Things You Need to Eat talks about food that tastes good and is good for you. Also, see the powerful testimony of a man...

The former spokeswoman for Colorado's 40th governor talks about adoption and raising three young children.

Gordon Robertson shows you how to take your faith to the next level and exercise this gift of the Holy Spirit.

Pat Robertson answers questions about weight training for women, deep water walking, exercise and biblical times, and exercise to relieve arthritis.

"Will my granddaughter be deaf all her life like her parents?” What a wonderful answer Lu Jia's grandmother received. The Christian Broadcasting...

Pat answers: Is now a good time to buy a car? Should I participate in a medical research study?

He was incarcerated. With his family falling apart on the outside, Kevin was looking for a change on the inside.

CBN reporter Lorie Johnson takes a look at her background and how it may affect her rulings.

Does God ever expect us to live alone without a spouse? My dad is cheating; should I tell Mom?

When you go to Heaven, will you be the same age you were on Earth? Is it wrong to play sports on the Sabbath?

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