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Pat Robertson explains the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hoshanna, and other important Jewish celebrations, including Yom Kippur and the Feast of Tabernacles...

Stellar football coach J.T. Curtis recalls the impact of Hurricane Katrina on his life and the life of his team in his new book, Hurricane Season.

Is it showing a lack of faith in God if I buy life insurance? What do you think will be the future growth industries?

Teenager Tim Kay invested all his savings into his five-minute cinema production, which he entered in competition for a scholarship to film school.

This year marks the 30-year anniversary of Regent University.

Neelu prayed to know the real God. Was he one of her Hindu idols, or was he Jesus, whom she heard about in a CBN program?

Vanessa's mother and grandmother sold their tortilla business to pay off debt. When Vanessa became ill, there was no money for doctors or medicine....

Pat Robertson offers these pearls of wisdom at the annual CBN Labor Day prayer gathering.

Jesus died on the cross on Friday and rose again on Sunday. What did He do during that three days? How can I invest in my marriage?

Tiffany Koehler was devastated when her brother died from leukemia. Years of drugs and poor choices brought her to the brink of suicide.

High school quarterback Matt Barkley has got game. But while his football future looks solid, it's the solid rock of Christ that he ultimately counts...

Taryn Davis was on a path of self destruction until she met a man that showed her a new way to live.

Pat Robertson answers your questions: What does it mean to claim your healing? Was Peter really crucified upside down?

Anthony dealt with tragedies in his young life with the gangsta lifestyle. He's now known as Litarodi, a popular Christian Hip-Hop Artist.

Pat Robertson answers your questions about fat burning, a vegetarian diet for heart patients, sugar intake, and more.

Gordon Robertson goes to the Bible to teach about faith without doubt when it comes to physical healing.


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