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Nutritionist Caroline Potter walks Terry Meeuwsen through a healthy way to have a hearty breakfast in the New Year.

Mary and her husband needed more income to support their six children, so she enrolled in a tailoring course. When she didn’t have enough money to...

Fans of J.R.R. Tolkein are trekking back to Middle Earth one more time as the latest film hits the theaters. We’ll show you how Tolkeins books are...

Best-selling author Donna VanLiere shares her new book “The Christmas Light” and upcoming movie “The Christmas Secret” premiering on the Hallmark...

Their world is filled with kidnapping and violence, but you gave these girls hope for their future and peace of mind.

Pat Robertson interviews the author of "What's So Great About Christianity?" to find out how Christians can respond to "atheism on the offensive."

How do you coach a football team without ever raising your voice? Ask Tony Dungy, coach to Super Bowl champs, the Indianapolis Colts.

What's the link between generosity and church prosperity? Pastor Brian Kluth explains this connection.

Some people are born leaders. But best-selling author John Maxwell says anyone can become one. It is just a matter of having the right tools.

Former Time Magazine Senior Correspondent and prolific author David Aikman joins The 700 Club to share more about a book he wrote called Billy Graham...

According to a recent poll, 69% Of Americans believe in hell. But do they believe in a literal hell of fire and brimstone? Bill Wiese does and he...

Don Piper died instantly in a car accident and woke up in the glories of Heaven -- a journey that changed his life forever.

Pat Robertson talks with Bill Wiese, an ordinary man who experienced an extraordinary vision of hell.

Author Lisa Robertson teaches about the rich traditions of the Advent season.

Would you like to look 15, maybe even 20 years younger naturally? Dr. Eric Braverman will discuss how keeping a younger brain will aid to a younger...

Author Joel Rosenberg discusses his latest book "The Ezekial Option", his third apocalyptic novel.