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Surprise! Renters Trashed Your House

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CBN's Helping the Home Front partners with local churches to meet the needs of military families. We offer hope and practical assistance to our armed forces and their loved ones. Learn more.

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Dory Nissen - 700 Club Producer

When Army Sergeant 1st class Dean isn’t overseas, he enjoys his own “army” with his wife Melony and 6 sons and one more son on the way.  Dean’s family life is a far cry from his world thousands of miles away in Afghanistan on air patrol and clearing roadside IEDs.  As leader of his platoon, Dean took his fellow soldiers’ safety into his hands.

I’m responsible for other people and their lives. And you’re just focused on making sure that they’re trained, they know what they’re doing. And that you keep everybody safe and bring everybody home.

Dean is emphatic that Melony’s job at home is just as important.

“I have told her multiple times that she works harder than I do.  I don’t think people realize the sacrifice that is made by a spouse.”

Melony says, “It’s something you just do. Your husband leaves, you have to be both mother and father. And show the boys that even though daddy’s gone we can do this together as a family.”     

With six kids, the couple has always kept a disciplined budget and even managed to save enough to buy a house when stationed at Fort Bragg. When they were transferred for a few years, they rented out their house. Upon their return, the couple faced a financial disaster.  Their home suffered extensive damage by the renters and the estimated repairs exceeded the damage deposit.

Dean explains, “The rental company tried to get the tenant to give some money, so they gave some, but it wasn’t enough for the full damage.”

Also, their deck had rotten wood, loose boards, and rusted nails.  All very dangerous for the boys.

Dean says, I just have faith that God will come through somehow. I’ll get the time or the leave or the money to do it all.”

When their church, River House learned about the damage, they contacted CBN’s Helping the Home Front.  Pastor Stacy Long came by to share some exciting news.       

CBN and Helping the Home Front wants to bless you guys.  They want to give you a new door, new flooring, baseboards, crown molding, drywall, paint everything and make it like it was before, only better.   One of the other things that Helping the Home Front wants to do, is they want you to be able to enjoy your backyard.  They are going to get a contractor out to come and completely re-build a brand new deck for you in the backyard.  And we are going to pick out a playset.  Helping the Home Front is going to make sure that it gets put together so you can really enjoy that backyard.  You guys are amazing and we love you.  I can’t think of any people who are more deserving of a blessing.

Contractors repaired all of the damage inside and started building the playset.  We went back for a visit when everything was complete and Dean's army was finally able to play.  This family can now enjoy their home rather than worry about finding the funds to fix it up.
Dean concludes, “It definitely will create a lasting memory of a time that God provided for our family. To help put our house together with the way that it should be and give our boys back the backyard.  It’s like the greatest thing that anyone’s ever done for us.”

Did you know?

CBN's Helping the Home Front partners with local churches to meet the needs of military families. We offer hope and practical assistance to our armed forces and their loved ones.  Learn more.

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