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You Saved LingWei’s Life

As soon as Mrs. Cui knew she was pregnant, she started singing to the baby in her womb.

“I heard that pretty words and songs can make a baby happy and healthy,” she explains.

The Cui’s named their daughter LingWei, or ‘beautiful flower’, but as she got older, they worried about her because even when she ate, she couldn’t absorb nutrients. 

“Her mouth was always purple and her face was pale,” Mrs. Cui recalls.  “And she groaned in pain when she slept.”  

She ended up at the hospital with pneumonia and a fever of over 102.  

Mrs. Cui reports, “The doctor said there was a hole in her heart and pressure in her arteries.”

She needed heart surgery, but the Cui’s are poor.  They had a small amount of a new government medical insurance for farmers, but even with that, it would take10 years to save enough to pay their portion of LingWei’s operation.  By then, they feared their baby wouldn’t be alive. 

Mr. Cui shares, “She whispered ‘daddy’ to me and kissed my face.  But she barely had any meat on her bones.  She was like a skeleton, like a glass doll. I was afraid when I held her that I’d break her.” 

Mrs. Cui adds, “All we could do to try to save her life was buy silver bracelets.  A friend said they would ward off evil spirits. But her wrists were too thin to keep the bracelets on.  And I had to put them on her ankles.”

Meanwhile, LingWei got worse. 

“She was really weak,” remembers Mr. Cui.  “She didn't move or smile, like a dying flower.”

“I hummed songs to ease her pain. But there was no joy or expectation in my song,” admits Mrs. Cui.  “It was just full of tears. And I could feel her heart beating fast, like a drum. I kept patting her on the back. But she fell into a coma.” 

Then, a worker at a health clinic got CBN involved, and we made it possible for LingWei to get heart surgery.

“Even my relatives wouldn't lend us money. But complete strangers paid for my daughter's operation,” exclaims Mrs. Cui.

Mrs. Cui declares, “Thanks to CBN, she’s healthy, energetic, and has put on a lot of weight. Now when I sing to her, she smiles.”

“When I hold her, her body is as strong as a bear.  She’s truly a beautiful flower,” Mr. Cui says.

“CBN prayed for her and shared God with us.  He blessed my daughter and brought us peace, hope and love,” shares Mrs. Cui.

“Thank you, CBN,” Mr. Cui concludes.  “You changed our lives!”

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