More than fourteen hundred years after the Chinese invented paper money, they’re ahead of the game once again and dabbling in digital currency like Bitcoin and the Yuan. Unlike Bitcoin, which is a private crypto currency, the Yuan isn’t just a payment system – it’s actual money issued by the Central Bank and controlled by the Chinese Communist Party. CBN News Senior International Correspondent George Thomas is on today’s Daily Rundown to break down what a cashless society looks like and what security and economic dangers lay ahead.

Another top story this week revolves around the sun. As part of the national quest to save the universe from the sun, there’s a new focus on ‘dimming’ it. Harvard scientists are considering spreading dust in the atmosphere to shield the earth from the sun’s rays, and those who are backing the concept are getting some major flack from the media. CBN News Correspondent Dale Hurd is on today’s podcast with a deeper look at this story.


Loudoun County has become ground zero for public school controversies. Parents insist the school system is indoctrinating their children with an anti-American agenda. Each school board meeting has been more explosive than the last, and the end of the school year is unlikely to cool things down. Reporter Tara Mergener has been following this story and she's on today's CBN News Daily Rundown.

And President Trump called in for an exclusive interview with senior political analyst David Brody this week. He talked about the crisis at the border, his Supreme Court picks, and his own political future. Brody has the details of their conversation on today's episode. 


As vaccination rates grow, case numbers drop, and we see fewer masks, COVID-19 could soon be behind us and one leading health expert says it's time. Dr. Marty Makary, a professor at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health tells CBN News why natural immunity is a major factor why COVID may soon be in the rear-view mirror for good. 


United States citizens who live on the southern border have experienced the border crisis up close and personal – it’s literally right in their backyard. And while the crisis is impacting the United States as a whole, some folks are experiencing the dangerous side effects of a broken border. CBN News Senior Washington Correspondent Tara Mergener recently visited the southern border and talked to Dottie – a Texas woman whose family has been watching the border change for 100 years. Tara is on today’s CBN News Daily Rundown to share her story. 

After a weekend spent celebrating fathers, let’s talk about some other, often unsung, heroes. From working odd hours to being shot at and mocked, police officers sacrifice themselves on a daily basis to protect us. And that has long-term negative effects on law enforcement as a whole. CBN News White House Correspondent Eric Philips is on today’s episode to talk about police suicide, where it stems from, and how it’s affecting our first responders.


After more than a decade--a new political landscape in Israel. Netanyahu is out and a new coalition has taken power. One of the parties making up this new government: the Arab-Islamic party, with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Bureau Chief Christ Mitchell and correspondent Julie Stahl from our Mideast team are on today's CBN News Daily Rundown with what this means for Israel's security. 

And, Joe Biden is back from his first international trip as president. The biggest item on the agenda: a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. White House correspondent Eric Philips is on today's episode with details on what we can expect to come from that Summit.


The Southern Baptist Convention's annual meeting for 2021 has not been short on drama, with several storylines making major news around the country. An Alabama pastor was selected to be the next president, racial reconciliation and mishandling of sex abuse allegations were all top agenda items. CBN's Heather Sells joins the podcast to break it all down.


We’re starting off this week with some positive news. The weather is warming up, masks are coming off, and the pandemic could soon be behind us. And according to some health experts, it's past time. Dr. Marty Makary is a professor at John Hopkins University and recently published a book called ‘The Price We Pay: What Broke American Healthcare and How to Fix It.’ CBN News Correspondent Jenna Browder talked to Makary on Faith Nation recently. She’s on today’s podcast to discuss.

Another top story this week is the new Israeli government taking over. After 12 years, Israeli parliament approved a new prime minister. Naftali Bennett became part of the 36th government of Israel after a tight vote on Sunday, and former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu became the opposition leader. CBN News Middle East Bureau Chief Chris Mitchell gives us the rundown on today’s podcast about what this means for Israel and what may happen next.


May was the busiest month along the US-Mexico border since President Biden took office. Every day 6,000 illegal immigrants are flooding the border, and entire communities in Texas are being over-run by the surge. Capitol Hill correspondent Abigail Robertson was invited to visit the border as part of a congressional delegation. One representative told her that the crisis at the border is no longer just a Texas problem, immigrants are being transported throughout the US. She shares her experience on today's CBN News Daily Rundown. 

Another big story this week, Virginia Democrats cast their votes in the gubernatorial primary, choosing former Governor Terry McAuliffe to represent them in the November election. He'll face off against Republican nominee Glen Youngkin. and on today's episode, senior Washington correspondent Jennifer Wishon says there's more than one reason to keep an eye on this race. 


CBN News spoke recently with several Texas land owners near the US border about what they are experiencing on the ground and they say the illegal immigration crisis is "getting worse and worse." Car loads of migrants are showing up on their properties, creating a dangerous situation for all involved. Dan Andros & Tré Goins-Phillips from CBN's Faithwire break down this story and more top news on today's Daily Rundown. 


A major Evangelical adoption agency is being deemed ‘Woke’ after calling for the proper education of adoptive transracial parents. Bethany Christian services says a federal law that prohibits race from being a factor in adoption prevents proper education of prospective parents, and that education is an important factor in ensuring positive child placement. CBN News National Security Correspondent Caitlin Burke is on The Daily Rundown today to discuss the various sides of the debate.

Another top story this week is Biden’s agenda, or rather what’s not on his agenda: uniting both sides of the aisle. With the infrastructure bill hanging in the balance of the Senate and the ‘For the People Act’ receiving pushback from both Republicans and Democrats, there is speculation about a possible government shutdown. CBN News Senior Reporter Dale Hurd talks some of the President’s biggest legislation and hurdles on today’s episode.