Arguments began today in Dobbs v. Jackson in the Supreme Court, with tensions flaring early and often. Justice Sonia Sotomayor went back and forth on viability and Christianity with  Scott G. Stewart, Mississippi Solicitor General. The case may have major implications for the future of abortion laws around the country if Roe v. Wade is effectively overturned. This and more on today's CBN News Daily Rundown podcast.


On Wednesday December 1st, the Supreme Court will hear a landmark abortion case called Dobbs versus Jackson Women’s Health that bans abortion in the state of Mississippi after 15 weeks. Some in the pro-life movement are calling this the biggest abortion case since Roe versus Wade, because a vote in favor of Dobbs could return the right to develop abortion policy back to the states. CBN News Senior National Affairs Correspondent Heather Sells is on today's episode to talk about the first abortion case since Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination and if this case really has the potential to overturn Roe versus Wade.


Christian musician Rhett Walker joined CBN and opened up about when he and his (now wife) girlfriend ended up pregnant while they were both still in high school. Scared, she had lined up an appointment to get an abortion. They ultimately made a decision that would alter their lives forever. This story and more - including the breaking news in the Ahmaud Arbery trial - all on today's CBN News Daily Rundown.


After 13 years at CBN covering the intersection of faith and politics, CBN’s treasured Senior Washington Correspondent Jennifer Wishon is redirecting her attention to follow another call on her life. From Capitol Hill to the open road to overseas, Jennifer followed the news and the Lord’s call to deliver succinct and engaging stories from a biblical perspective. Her most recent trip took her to Hungary, where she reported on the country’s pro-family agenda. Jennifer returned with encouraging news of how the country is experiencing increasing birth and marriage rates, and that she’s decided to embrace a new phase of life - full-time motherhood. Jennifer is on the podcast today to reflect on her trip to Hungary, her time at CBN, as well as what she looks forward to in the next stage of life and why she considers it valuable.


Confidence in the American economy is lower than it was last year, when the pandemic shut down the country. A survey from the University of Michigan this month finds consumer confidence at a 10-year low, despite a low unemployment rate, good consumer spending numbers and an increase in Americans' savings. Inflation and supply chain issues are having a huge impact, from the cost of putting Thanksgiving dinner on the table, to filling up your gas tank and getting the Christmas presents you want on time. In addition, on Friday the House of Representatives passed their nearly $2 trillion Build Back Better plan. Joining the podcast to discuss the current state of the U.S. economy and any effect that legislation will have on it is CBN News Financial Editor Drew Parkhill.


While in office, President Trump sought to strengthen protections for religious freedom and the ability to not be forced to violate various beliefs individuals may hold. Now, according to a new memo leaked to the public, it appears as if the Biden adminstration is looking to roll back some of these protections. We break this story down and more on today's CBN News Daily Rundown podcast.


Children’s health has been a topic of national interest and concern especially over the last year. From debating what children are being taught in school to deciding whether or not to stick them with the recently approved Pfizer dose for children, our youth are reliant upon their parents and elders to make these impactful decisions for them. While we’ve been primarily focused on their physical health during the pandemic, the mental health of America’s youth has deteriorated. CBN News Medical Reporter Lorie Johnson recently talked to a neurologist and psychiatrist about the impact the pandemic has had on children’s mental health, which has taken a frightening, downward turn over the past year. Lorie is on today’s episode to share what she learned about protecting our youth – from the vaccine to social media.


Consumer prices for nearly everything continues to rise at an alarming rate. Food, cars, furniture and especially the price of gas are all way up month-over-month and year-over-year, with inflation seeing its highest one-month jump in 30 years. This, as Congress is set to return next week to wrangle over the President's Build Back Better agenda, avoid a government shutdown and raise the debt limit as the holidays approach. CBN News Congressional Correspondent Abigail Robertson joins us to discuss the politics of inflation and what it means for Congress and the Biden White House.

Also, it's been more than three weeks since 17 American and Canadian Christian missionaries were kidnapped in Haiti. Joining us to provide an update on the situation as well as insight into the kinds of conditions those missionaries are enduring is Senior International Correspondent George Thomas.


The Kyle Rittenhouse trial garnered a ton of attention today when Rittenhouse took the stand and attempted to explain his side of the story. He became emotional at one point, causing the judge to call a short recess. The nation is bitterly divided over this tragic case - we break down the details on today's CBN News Daily Rundown.


Government overreach in the United States is running rampant as our leaders increasingly supplant parents, families, and religion with invasive policies. From vaccine mandates in the workplace to gender neutral restrooms in schools, the federal government is infringing on freedom in the name of public safety and inclusion. Americans are showing up at the polls, speaking out at school board meetings, and using their positions of influence to wake others up to the tyranny. Former United States Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said the U.S. is looking more and more like communist China. She sat down with CBN News Chief Political Correspondent David Brody last week to talk about the state of our country and who we should look to for direction. David is on today’s podcast to share what they discussed.