Today on The CBN News Daily Rundown: Iran exposed. New reports are out about that secret mission by Israeli Mossad agents who stole nuclear archives from Iran back in January. CBN News Mid-East Bureau Chief Chris Mitchell explains why the information in those stolen documents is important today.


Today on The CBN News Daily Rundown: President Trump wades in Brexit drama. Senior international correspondent Dale Hurd gives analysis on the start of Trump's UK visit and if Theresa May can survive what many consider a very watered down plan to exit the European Union.


Today on The CBN News Daily Rundown: Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is making his rounds on Capitol Hill--meeting with Senators ahead of his confirmation hearings. Capitol Hill correspondent Abigail Robertson says that while Republicans believe he's a shoe in, Senate Democrats are building a case against him that they hope will tie up the process until after midterm elections.


Today on The CBN News Daily Rundown: The youngest victims of America's opioid epidemic. Every 30 minutes a baby is born addicted to drugs. CBN News health reporter Lorie Johnson recently spent time with a ministry that is fighting to break the generational curse of addiction one recovering bay and mother at a time.


Today on The CBN News Daily Rundown: Brett Kavanaugh is President Trump's nominee for the Supreme Court seat being left vacant by Justice Anthony Kennedy. Handpicked from a group of 25--Kavanaugh is a crucial appointment that could til the court for decades. Senior Washington correspondent Jennifer Wishon gives analysis on Trump's choice and the battle to come over his confirmation. 


Today on The CBN News Daily Rundown: President Trump announces his Supreme Court nominee tonight at 9pm EST. CBN News chief political correspondent David Brody has details on how we can expect the confirmation battle to immediately start playing out--and his thoughts on what it will mean for mid-term elections.


Today on The CBN News Daily Rundown: A parents nightmare. In October of 2017, Vinnie and Melissa Murphy woke up to the sound of their children screaming. They lost their two youngest that day--only five and seven years old. But they also lost their oldest son--19 year old Malik Murphy was charged with murdering his siblings. Reporter Efrem Graham just returned from the Murphy's Colorado Springs home, where they talked about the struggle to forgive, mental illness and the new understanding they have for the love of Christ.


Today on The CBN News Daily Rundown: President Trump is just days away from announcing his nominee for the open seat on the Supreme Court. A major concern coming from the left--how the presidents pick will impact Roe vs. Wade--the ruling from 1973 that legalized abortion nationwide. CBN News senior Washington correspondent Jennifer Wishon says overturning the ruling isn't something that would happen overnight--although many states are already prepared to ban abortion if the decision falls back into their control.


Today on The CBN News Daily Rundown: Could the immigration crisis in Europe lead to the end of the European Union? Most people don't realize how close that came to happening Monday night when German Chancellor Angela Merkel made a last minute deal to narrowly escape the collapse of her government--for now. CBN News senior international correspondent Dale Hurd says if Merkel falls, the EU is likely to go with her.


Today on The CBN News Daily Rundown: President Donald Trump is finalizing one of the most important decisions of his presidency: his second nominee to the US Supreme Court--and lawmakers--well, they're already fighting about it. CBN News Capitol Hill correspondent Abigail Robertson and chief political correspondent David Brody are on today. They've got information on who the wild card's could be during the impending confirmation hearing and who's at the top of the president's short list.