Today on The CBN News Daily Rundown: FBI agents are often the first on the scene of some of the most horrific violence--that can take a toll--which is why the bureau also employs a team of highly trained chaplains. CBN News national security correspondent Erik Rosales spoke with the men and women who volunteer as the FBI's crisis intervention team, providing spiritual first aid to agents.


Today on The CBN News Daily Rundown: America's most powerful gun lobby gathered over the weekend for its annual convention--thousands of people flooding Dallas in support of the second amendment. Senior Washington correspondent attended the NRA convention, hearing arguments from both those defending their right to bear arms--and those demanding more gun control. 


Today on The CBN News Daily Rundown: Chief political correspondent David Brody talks his exclusive interview with Vice President Mike Pence and Capitol Hill correspondent Abigail Robertson shares about the moment that made her tear up at the National Day of Prayer event Thursday evening on the Hill. 


Today on The CBN News Daily Rundown: It's the National Day of Prayer. This year's theme is unity in America and organizers say there couldn't be anything more fitting for this moment in history. Capitol Hill correspondent Abigail Robertson has details on CBN's coverage of today's festivities and was given exclusive access to an event hosted by the Museum of the Bible Wednesday night.


The war in Afghanistan has been raging for 17 years. Now, amid an uptick in violence at the hands of the Islamic State and the Taliban, a new report shows the number of Afghan police officers and soldiers has dropped by nearly 11 percent.

What does this mean for the thousands of U.S. troops serving in Afghanistan and US policy in the region going forward?

CBN News National Security Correspondent Erik Rosales offers his insight today on the CBN News Daily Rundown.


Today national ministries working to reach college students for Jesus only operate on about 40- percent of all college campuses and those groups face the growing threat of getting kicked off campus by the PC police. However, CBN News Correspondent Heather Sells is back from southern California with encouraging news about a new partnership that's working to reach every college campus in America. Learn more on today's CBN News Daily Rundown.



Comedian Michelle Wolf drew moans from an audience of journalists at the White House Correspondents' Dinner Saturday night when she joked about abortion. "Don’t knock it ‘til you try it, and when you do try it, really knock it. You know, you’ve got to get that baby out of there," she said in a joke that began by making fun of Vice President Mike Pence's pro-life views. "He believes abortion is murder," she told the crowd. Her vile jokes about abortion and attacks on Press Secretary Sarah Sanders and others drew quick criticism from members of the White House Press Corps and other reporters across the country. Today on the CBN News Daily Rundown Senior Washington Correspondent Jennifer Wishon leads a discussion with White House Correspondent Ben Kennedy and Correspondent Amber Strong about Wolf's performance and the reaction that followed. All three attended the dinner Saturday.


Former Senator Joe Liberman is a Democrat who has won as an Independent and doesn't mind supporting Republicans when their values align with his - especially on foreign policy. CBN's John Jessup recently sat down with Lieberman to talk about politics, President Trump and his new book, "With Liberty and Justice: The Fifth Day Journey form Egypt to Sinai." We hear from both of them today on the CBN News Daily Rundown.


Today on The CBN News Daily Rundown: Members of Congress gathered, Wednesday, to begin practicing for their annual charity baseball game. Their first practice held at the field where almost a year ago a gunman opened fire on them. Capitol Hill correspondent Abigail Robertson interviewed some of the lawmakers who were on the field June 14, 2017--lawmakers who say they're only alive because of God's intervention.


Today on The CBN News Daily Rundown: An act of friendship we don't hear about often on Capitol Hill--a democrat cast a crucial vote for his republican colleague, who was unable to be at an important confirmation hearing because of the funeral of a close friend. Capitol Hill correspondent Abigail Robertson witnessed the entire thing and shares about the moment she says only God could have orchestrated.