Have you ever wondered why Israel is so important in God's plan?  Or has the Church itself replaced Israel in the scriptures?  Rev. Willem J.J. Glashouwer, author of Why Israel?, dispels the notion of replacement theology and gives a clear biblical understanding of Israel. 
The spring of 1967 was a time of almost unbearable tension for Israel's leaders. Threats of invasion came from every direction, and western allies turned their backs on the Jewish state.
Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely is far from optimistic about this Sunday's upcoming Paris conference to deal with the Israeli-Palestinian issue. "(It's) like a wedding with neither bride nor groom," she said.   
Donald Trump's reported intention to invite Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanhayu sends a strong signal that he'll support the Jewish State.
For months, ISIS has proven they can hit main sites like the Brussels airport or Nice's famous promenade on the Mediterranean but striking a small, obscure community in northern France spreads their deadly web. They mean to overwhelm the West with fear and terror.
The war we face today is not my father's war. Today the enemy is different. The battlefields are different. There are no great battles with tanks, airplanes, and armies arrayed on the sands of North Africa or in the valleys of northern Italy. It's psychological and spiritual warfare. It's by design.