Ordinary Angels

The faith-based film "Ordinary Angels" finished in third place at the box office this weekend raking in more than $6 million.

Image Source: YouTube Screenshot/Chynna Phillips Baldwin

"Everything can be seen through the eyes of love. The Bible said that God is love. If God is love then we should be able to see everything through the lenses of love."

Bill Maher

Famed comedian Bill Maher is well-known for his atheism, but a fellow performer recently appeared on his “Club Random” podcast and implored him to look a bit deeper than his skepticism typically allows.

Scott Hamilton

Olympic skater Scott Hamilton has undergone chemotherapy and surgeries to fight testicular cancer and back-to-back bouts with brain tumors. 

"Ordinary Angels" is a true story of faith and commitment

The true story Ordinary Angels is hitting theaters this weekend. The movie tells the miraculous story of how one ordinary woman at the right place at the right time stepped up to lead a community in the miraculous pursuit of saving a young girl's life. 


Singer McKenna Breinholt received more than just a thumbs up from the American Idol judges after her audition Sunday night. She also got to meet her birth family in person. 


Actor and producer Kirk Cameron has announced he's teaming up with his book publisher to produce a crowdfunded live-action children's television series to bring wholesome entertainment to families. 

Rob Schneider

Comedian Rob Schneider believes having a “foundation in God” can lead to greater happiness and fulfillment — and studies consistently back this assertion.

"He Gets Us" evangelistic ad campaign.

Setting a record with a staggering 123.4 million viewers, the Super Bowl was the most-watched American television broadcast in a generation, and all of those eyes watching Sunday's overtime thriller were also exposed to a Christian message. 


Actor Christian Bale has broken ground on a project he has envisioned for 16 years – the building of several houses and a community center intended to keep foster care siblings together.