(Courtesy: Screen capture/Emily Johnson via Storyful)

A video of a Texas father singing a worship song to his premature son — who had a very low chance of survival — is going viral on social media.

Elderly Baptism

A moving video of an elderly woman being baptized and carried out of a pool by a caring pastor is making the rounds on social media — and the imagery is powerful.


The recent addition of an unusual eight-foot golden statue atop a New York state courthouse in New York City is causing a stir with some questioning what exactly the statue represents. 


In a widely-watched case involving free speech, a Colorado state appeals court has ruled against baker Jack Phillips who declined a request to make a cake celebrating a gender transition.


On Jan. 25, the Virginia General Assembly honored Regent University at the Virginia State Capitol in Richmond, Virginia. a. 


If you have kids, you know they spend a lot of time online, and they use social media to share just about everything, from videos to dance moves to the latest fashion trends. But experts warn that can be very risky behavior as these online platforms have become hubs for sexual predators.   

Rev. Andre E Johnson, of the Gifts of Life Ministries, preaches at a candlelight vigil for Tyre Nichols, who died after being beaten by Memphis police officers, in Memphis, Tenn., Thursday, Jan. 26, 2023. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

The public awaits the release today of police body cam footage that shows the January 7th pepper spraying and brutal assault by Memphis police against Tyre Nichols. He died after the traffic stop.


A Mendenhall, Mississippi school district has agreed to change a policy banning religious or political speech that barred a 3rd-grade student from wearing a face mask with the phrase "Jesus Loves Me" emblazoned across it to her elementary school. 


An Islamic extremist who killed eight people with a speeding truck in a 2017 rampage on a popular New York City bike path was convicted Thursday of 28 federal crimes and could face the death penalty.

Norma Thornton (photo: cbn news screen capture)

Norma Thornton's defiant message is clear: she isn't backing down anytime soon. Last year, Bullhead City police arrested the 78-year-old Arizona grandma for feeding the homeless in a public park — a violation of a city ordinance.