Handel is believed to have composed "Messiah" in only 24 days. Many believe it was divinely inspired.


Nearly 25% of young people in the United Kingdom say they would ban the Bible if they believed it contained "hate speech," a new poll reveals. 


The wife of a Nigerian pastor was murdered last month by terrorists as she traveled home with her 2-month-old baby, according to a persecution watchdog.


The Islamic terror group ISIS has claimed responsibility for the bombing of a Catholic worship service Sunday in the Philippines.


An evangelistic tool that's been winning people to Jesus Christ around the world since 1979 is moving into a new era. It's known simply as the Jesus Film and it's believed to be the most-watched movie on the planet.

Hundreds of thousands of migrants are flooding through the Darien Gap

Thousands of migrants, whose final destination is the U.S. southern border, risk their lives walking through the Darién Gap, a nearly 63-mile stretch of the jungle located between Colombia and Panama that is known as one of the most dangerous places in the world. 


Although Christians still face persecution in Vietnam, churches thrive because of leaders who endured suffering to spread the gospel in the communist country. They include 95-year-old Pastor Duong Thi, also known as Mrs. Ly, who helped start Vietnam's house church movement.

Jimmy Pacheko was taken hostage by Hamas terrorists on Oct. 7

On October 7, the day Hamas terrorists began their attacks along the Gaza border, Jimmy Pacheko was taken hostage. After more than 50 days as a prisoner of Hamas, he's finally home and he's sharing his story of survival and his gratitude to God for his freedom.

Armenia is facing a potential genocide at the hands of its militant neighbor, Azerbaijan.

While the world focuses on Israel's war against Hamas, an ongoing conflict threatens a tiny Christian nation at the intersection of Europe and Asia. Armenia is facing a potential genocide at the hands of its militant neighbor, Azerbaijan.


A professor at a Bible college in the U.K. who was fired for tweeting that homosexuality "is invading the church," and who later found out college administrators also considered reporting him as a potential terrorist, has filed a lawsuit against his former employer.