CBN News Daily Rundown August 20, 2019

CBN News Daily Rundown August 20, 2019

The Bible tells us children are God's best gift. That's true, however, for many couples, realizing the dream of having a child is a long journey.

CBN News Washington Bureau Chief Dana Ritter has traveled that road which ended in the adoption of her son, “Sometimes it feels like this story is made up but it’s actually true and real and we get to live it,” she says.

Dana explains what it was like to walk into a hospital room to finally meet her baby, “I felt like I was watching a movie, it didn’t feel real that it was happening. I felt like I was watching someone else," she says.

In the midst of her happiness, she explains why she also felt profound grief, "In the midst of feeling so much joy and unbelief that this was really happening to me, looking back at that door that I had just walked into and realizing that she [her son's birth mom] had to walk out of that door without him and the only way that I get to be a mom, his mom, is that she doesn’t get to," she recalls through tears.

Today on the CBN News Daily Rundown Dana walks us through her journey to adoption.

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