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Inside Watters World

Today we’re taking a trip to Watters World – a Fox News primetime show hosted by Jesse Watters. Conservatives love him, liberals can’t stand him; but his quick-witted smarts and work ethic make him a powerful voice in the news world. He also recently entered into the book world with his new release, ‘How I Saved the World.’ CBN News Correspondent Jenna Browder caught up with Watters and is on the CBN News Daily Rundown today to talk about his new book and much more.

Facebook is back in the doghouse again about censorship, but this time the platform didn’t do enough. At least, that’s what the White House is saying about Facebook’s response to the recently released list of vaccine opponents called the ‘Disinformation Dozen.’ CBN News White House Correspondent Eric Philips joins the podcast today to discuss this ongoing battle between freedom of speech and eliminating disinformation.

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