"Winning Tool" in COVID Fight

Numerous sites are open around Florida offering monoclonal antibody treatment sold by Regeneron to people who have tested positive for COVID-19. (AP Photo/Marta Lavandier)
"Winning Tool" in COVID Fight

The Pfizer vaccine made headlines this morning as the first, COVID-19 vaccine to be approved by the F.D.A. This comes after months of inoculations under the Emergency Use Authorization. Pfizer, along with Moderna and Johnson & Johnson, delivered at least one dose of the vaccine to over half of the United States population. While many public entities and the entire state of New York were already considering mandates, F.D.A. approval opens the door to federal vaccine mandates across the country. Following suit, the Pentagon announced shortly after Pfizer was approved that it will require service members to receive the Pfizer vaccine. CBN News Health Reporter Lorie Johnson is on today’s podcast to talk about what this means for Americans, how mandates may affect the unvaccinated, and an antibody treatment that’s gaining popularity for its use in treating COVID symptoms in their early stages.

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