No Man Left Behind

No Man Left Behind

The last C-17 military aircraft left the Kabul airport this afternoon. As we’re closing in on the August 31st pullout deadline, U.S. veterans and private non-profit groups aren’t giving up. The Pentagon announced Saturday that a targeted, military drone strike killed two high profile Islamic militants, and multiple operations by U.S. veterans are underway to rescue their brothers and sisters. CBN News Senior International Correspondent and International News Director Gary Lane is on today’s podcast to talk about why private, nonprofit civilian efforts are key to continuing evacuation efforts in Afghanistan before the deadline tomorrow.

Abortion advocates aren’t satisfied with their self-proclaimed interest in a woman’s right to choose life or death for her baby. Instead, they demand that everyone embrace abortion as a glamorous norm. A popular women’s magazine called ‘Marie Claire,’ that women usually turn to for fashion and beauty advice, recently called for more depictions of abortion in TV and film. While there’s already an increasing number of abortions portrayed by the film industry, the magazine specifically called for more depictions of abortion by couples rather than single, teen girls. CBN News Reporter Mark Martin recently spoke with pro-life activist and Live Action President Lila Rose about this new push to “normalize” abortion.

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