Remembering a Monster

This satellite image made available by NOAA shows Hurricane Iota in the North Atlantic Ocean on Monday, Nov. 16, 2020, at 07:11 EST. (NOAA via AP)
Remembering a Monster

Exactly 20 years to the day Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana, another monster storm. Hurricane Ida not only pummeled the south, but it also soaked the northeast with record-breaking rain, flash flooding, and tornadoes. At least 46 people are now dead from Maryland to Connecticut. The storm has reporter Charlene Aaron thinking back to the devastation she witnessed covering Katrina from New Orleans. She's on today's CBN News Daily Rundown.

Another big story from this week: Afghan refugees are flooding into cities across the US. Reporter Tara Mergener witnessed some of these arrivals first-hand at Dulles Airport, and she was able to speak with one woman who shared about all that fleeing the Taliban has cost her. Listen in on today's episode. 

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