Never Forget: Two Decades After 9/11

Never Forget: Two Decades After 9/11

We’re one day away from the 20-year anniversary of September 11, 2001. Many remember what they were doing that day - none of us will ever forget. Twenty years ago, America was shaken to its core. Twenty years ago, our way of life was turned upside down, and everything we thought we knew about safety, changed. Twenty years ago, nearly three thousand brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, daughters, sons, friends, and first responders lost their lives. Twenty years later, we’re taking a look back at what we’ve learned, how we’ve changed, and what we’re doing to maintain our freedom, or lose it. CBN News International Correspondent George Thomas has been with CBN for 25 years, and he was in Paris reporting on Islamic terrorism when the 9/11 attacks occurred. He is on the podcast today to share what he remembers and how the news industry – and the world – has changed.

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