The First COVID-19 Pill

Pharmaceutical company Merck & Co. said Friday, Oct. 1, 2021, that its experimental COVID-19 pill reduced hospitalizations and deaths by half
The First COVID-19 Pill

It’s the first of its kind – an oral drug that could help treat symptoms from COVID-19. Health experts have been calling for a convenient pill that COVID-19 patients could take at the onset of symptoms. The pharmaceutical company “Merck” answered that call and developed a new oral drug called “Molnupiravir.” The U.S government has already approved one antiviral drug called remdesivir to treat COVID-19, but it is primarily taken intravenously. If authorized by the FDA, Molnupiravir would become the first oral medicine to fight Covid-19, and you might be able to pick it up at your local pharmacy with a prescription by the end of the year. CBN News Middle East Bureau Chief Chris Mitchell talked to an Israeli disease expert and professor about the drug’s progress, and he's on today's podcast to discuss. 

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