The Beginning of the End of the COVID Pandemic?

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The Beginning of the End of the COVID Pandemic?

Coronavirus cases and deaths are trending downward for two weeks straight and it appears the worst of the Delta variant may be over. Not only that, Pfizer is requesting that the Food and Drug Administration give emergency approval for a COVID vaccine for children 5-11 years old. Is this the beginning of the end of the pandemic? CBN News Medical Reporter Lorie Johnson joins the Rundown to talk about where we are in the fight against COVID as well as why medical experts think the upcoming flu season could be worse than normal.

Also, it's been a deadly week in Afghanistan, with at least 100 people hurt or killed following the bombing of a Shiite mosque on Friday. This as religious minorities go underground in order to avoid deadly retaliation by the Taliban. Correspondent Brody Carter joins us to talk about a hearing held this week by the US Commission on International Religious Freedom on the state of religious minorities in that country.

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