Shining a Light on Missing and Murdered Indigenous People

Missing indigenous women
Shining a Light on Missing and Murdered Indigenous People

This week on The Rundown, CBN News reporter and anchor Mark Martin brings a story of tragedy among Native Americans, an epidemic of missing and murdered indigenous people. Under this wave of MMIP, Native American women are being murdered or have gone missing at a far higher rate than women of any other race or ethnicity, with little attention given by the media to their plight. Mark recently traveled to Montana to learn more about some of the personal stories of women who have gone missing, and spoke to local authorities, including Gov. Greg Gianforte, on what is being done to try and end this epidemic of missing and murdered Native American women. 

But first, the United States is losing a war of artificial intelligence with China. National security officials note the Chinese have a large head start in the world of military AI, and the recent departure of a top US government official in frustration over the growing gap is ringing alarm bells. What's at stake if China does pull away from the United States in this area, what are the ethical concerns of the proliferation of artificial intelligence, and what does it mean for our privacy? CBN News Senior Reporter Dale Hurd joins the Rundown with more on his story.

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