SCOTUS Shuts Down Biden's Vaccine Mandate

SCOTUS Shuts Down Biden's Vaccine Mandate

This week, the Supreme Court ruled 6-3 that President Joe Biden's vaccine mandate affecting large businesses was unconstitutional. The six conservative-leaning justices ruled against the mandate, enforced through OSHA, that required employees to either get vaccinated or be tested and masked while at work. Three liberal-leaning judges dissented, saying their colleagues were subverting the judgment of health experts for their own. But it wasn’t a total defeat for the President, as the High Court sided with him over the need for health care workers to be vaccinated. CBN News' Gary Lane joins the Rundown to discuss the ramifications of this ruling, as well as his interview with an author who is warning automation and artificial intelligence can have a negative effect on our Christian faith.

Also, violent crime is up in several major cities across the country, with some municipalities seeing record-high spikes. Local activists, church leaders and criminologists spoke to CBN News Reporter Charlene Aaron about the epidemic of violence in our nation's urban areas, and she joins the Rundown to discuss next steps and how Christian churches can help.

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