Biden, Inflation & Economic Headwinds

Biden, Inflation & Economic Headwinds

A new Pew Research poll finds Americans are, in general, not happy with the economy, with 72% describing the economy as either "fair" or "poor," and only 1 in 4 Americans saying they are confident the economy will be better a year from now. The main reason is inflation, as prices are up nearly across the board. This week, the Federal Reserve indicated they're preparing to raise a benchmark interest rate in order to help fight inflation, but how much will it help? CBN News Financial Editor Drew Parkhill joins the Rundown to talk inflation, supply chains, as well as new GDP numbers and what they mean for your bottom line. 

Also, a recent study found millennials are increasingly leaving organized faith and Christianity altogether. An increase in the number of so-called "religious nones'' is on the rise, worrying pastors about the future of their congregations and the faith at large. CBN News reporter Brody Carter joins us to talk about why a growing number of young people are leaving behind the faith in which they grew up and what, if anything, the church can do about it.

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