America Loses Interest in the China Olympics

Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics (Adobe stock image)
America Loses Interest in the China Olympics

They've been called "The Genocide Games" by some and, on Sunday, the 2022 Winter Olympics will come to a close. Normally, the Games are a chance for the United States and the world to celebrate their athletes and watch as they fulfill their lifelong dreams of competing for a gold medal. However, this year’s Olympics seemed to lack that hopefulness and enthusiasm and TV ratings were down big. Why? The location. China’s record of human rights abuses and oppression were a dark cloud hanging over the Games, and some are concerned these Olympics served as a public relations coup for the totalitarian regime. CBN News Senior Reporter Dale Hurd joins the Rundown to talk about the lasting effects these games could have for China, America, and the world.

Also, as the situation in Ukraine grows more intense by the day, Christians in that country are offering up prayers and gathering together to pray for their countrymen. CBN's George Thomas is in Ukraine, and we'll feature some of his reporting from the western part of the country on the Rundown this week, too.

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