White House Battles Cloud of Suspicion


President Donald Trump had a good day Wednesday.

According to both Republicans and Democrats he “hit all the right notes” calling for unity in his statement following the tragic shooting attack on a GOP congressional baseball practice.

Also, for a number of hours, no one was asking him about James Comey, Russia or Robert Mueller.

Then Wednesday evening, the Washington Post broke a story that Mueller’s investigation was widening to look into whether or not the president tried to obstruct justice when he fired Comey.

After a few glorious hours of sunshine, a cloud of suspicion was restored over the White House.

President Trump did what he does and responded to the news on twitter.



The Washington Post article that revealed the investigation shift quoted anonymous sources, adding to Trump’s leak problem.

The president ignored questions shouted by reporters Thursday about the investigation during an event at the White House.

Instead, he stayed focused on his executive order that expands apprenticeships and vocational training through an increase in federal funding to $200 million and the lifting of restrictions that keep some industries from creating apprenticeships.

Why is that important?

The White House says six million jobs are unfilled in the U.S. (SIX MILLION) because there aren't enough qualified workers to fill them.    

“Today's apprentices will construct the roads and bridges that move our citizens. They will bend the metal and steel that shape our cities and they will pioneer the new technology that drives our commerce,” the president said during a statement from the White House.

The changes he's making are also designed to increase apprentice opportunities to women and other minorities who are currently underrepresented in training programs.

He’s working closely with his daughter Ivanka Trump on the initiative.

However, no matter how hard the president focuses on his agenda and tries to stay on message, the cloud of suspicion will follow him until the Russian investigations are finally put to bed, which is no time soon.






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