Missed It by That Much: GOP Stumps for Working Class, But Rubio, Ivanka 'Failed Hug' Steals the Show


WASHINGTON -- It was the hug seen 'round the world -- or at least 'round Twitter. 

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., met with first daughter Ivanka Trump on Capitol Hill Tuesday.  The two, along with a host of other GOP lawmakers, talked about her initiatives for working class families.
As these events tend to go, Rubio and Trump met with a smile and embrace as the senator attempted to go in for a hug. 

Except, that embrace didn't happen, at least not according to initial photos. In those photos, Rubio can be seen reaching for the first daughter with outstretched arms, while Trump stands stiffly, arms at her side.  

Of course, as the Twitter-sphere tends to do in situations like this one, it became much ado about nothing as Rubio was berated for his not so smooth attempts. 

Look, he's no Zack Morris or Ferris Bueller, but Rubio does know how to turn a gaffe into an opportunity. The Florida senator took the jabs in strides and got in on the fun. Tweeting….


He then attempted to provide evidence of the alleged hug.


The first daughter also joined in on the banter, calling the "missed hug" fake news. 


The real news of course was the reason behind the meeting. The first daughter, who has made her platform women in the workplace, visited Capitol Hill to garner support and strategies for her child tax credit expansion. 

The current tax credit is set at $1,000.  Rubio, who once proposed raising that amount to $2,500 per child, is a likely ally for the first daughter. 

Sens. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, and Tim Scott, R-S.C., were also present at Tuesday's meeting. 

Ivanka is also pushing for paid family leave and eliminating marriage penalties in the tax code.
Rubio says it's a topic the GOP simply cannot ignore.
"There's a growing desire in the Republican conference in the Senate and House to address the fundamental fact that there are people in America who have decided they can't afford to have children because they can't get a month off of work and not get paid," stated Rubio.  

"In America, no family should be forced to put off having children due to economic insecurity," Rubio tweeted. 

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