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The Profound Pro-Life Response to Alyssa Milano's Abortion Promotion

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The response to actress Alyssa Milano's call for abortion stories to use on her podcast has been overwhelming, and probably not at all what Milano expected.

A few weeks ago, the "Who's the Boss" and "Charmed" actress and a pro-abortion advocate posted a tweet asking for women's abortion stories.

"If you'd like to share your personal abortion story on my podcast to help shine a light on the importance of bodily autonomy, please record story on your voice memo app and email it to below address. If you'd like to remain anonymous please say so in your email. #SorryNotSorry"," Milano wrote. 

The actress also re-tweeted a post from her "Sorry Not Sorry" podcast account below her original post which reads: "Nearly one in four women in the United States will have an abortion by age 45. Do you want to share your story on #SorryNotSorry?"

Milano began aggressively speaking out about abortion in March, when Georgia's so-called "heartbeat bill" passed the state Senate. 70 of her fellow Hollywood actors and actresses voiced their support of Milano's protest. 

However, Milano's tweet drew a variety of responses, especially from among pro-life women as well as men. 

One Twitter user responded to the actress, writing: "My mom was a single mother, unmarried, daughter of a Pentecostal preacher, with a rare blood disease and working in a low-wage factory job. She was encouraged to abort me told she & I would die. She chose life I'm now her caregiver. So there's mine."

Another user who goes by the name of SuperCoop responded: "My grandmother was going to abort my mom but changed her mind last minute. Thankfully that means my mom, my two brothers and myself, and my two children all got to be born #sorrynotsorry"

The user then added, "Oops, forgot my three adorable nieces as well!"

Another woman posted a photo of her now-grown daughter, writing: ""#borntolivenotdie the baby I was told to abort…a miracle!"

Another mother wrote about her story from 46 years ago.

"In late 1973 in San Francisco, my mother was told by 3 separate doctors at 3 different facilities to abort because she was 39 (ridiculous), Latina, and this would be her 6th. Was it racism? 'You don't have to tell your husband.' How many babies didn't make it in this situation?"

"She told them she could never kill her child. My mother, frightened by this harassment, stopped going to prenatal visits. I was born at SF General Hospital instead of her regular hospital," she added.

Another mother admitted going to an abortion clinic daily for more than a month but just couldn't go through with it.

"I went to an abortion clinic daily for over a month….. couldn't do it! Thank God I didn't because my beautiful daughter is one of my greatest gifts to the world! #IWasRaped #metoo #Infanticide," she wrote. 

Other users told of their regret for the abortions they did have.

One user wrote, "It's personal and the most difficult decision I ever made. I would never talk about my story to encourage abortion, I would discourage it, so obviously you wouldn't want to hear my story."

Another user told of her abortion at the age of 23. 

"I had an abortion at the age of 23. I missed out on what a precious gift I chose to give up. I'm thankful for God's grace and forgiveness and for raising my precious baby in heaven. I get to see my child when I get to heaven. What an amazing day that will be," she wrote.

Another user told of being raped in an abusive relationship.

"I was raped by a boyfriend while in an abusive relationship. I had an abortion because I was told by Planned Parenthood that it would be okay and I could live my life. I so regret that decision. I ended up on drugs and went down the wrong path. I am extremely pro-life now," the user wrote.

And one user wrote of her experience of having an abortion at the age of 19. 

"I thought at 19 that an abortion would solve my problems, but it actually compounded them. I was pro-choice at the time, but actually having the abortion left me feeling depressed, dirty, and selfish. I did not expect that. I did not expect to bleed for 6 weeks..." she wrote. 

"I felt alone. My boyfriend was pro-life and wanted to keep our baby, but he helped me through the process. I felt like I had betrayed him or that he was upset with me for a long time. He wasn't. We got married. We started a family. When we saw our daughter's first ultrasound...we realized the full extent of what we had done. Hearing her heartbeat at 8 weeks made me both joyful and heartbroken. I felt lied to. It's not just tissue. The depression stayed with me for years. It caused problems in our marriage...I constantly think our eldest daughter (the oldest of our 6 children) should not be the oldest. We should have a 21 yo now. Knowing how amazing our other children are, we know we are missing out," the user concluded. 

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