Israeli outgoing Prime Minister Yair Lapid is seen during the swearing-in ceremony for Israeli lawmakers at the Knesset, Israel's parliament, in Jerusalem, Tuesday, Nov. 15, 2022. (Abir Sultan/Pool Photo via AP)

"A prize for terrorist organizations and their campaign against Israel.” That is how outgoing Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid characterized a vote last week in the United Nations. The resolution accuses Israel of annexing and occupying Palestinian territory in the West Bank, the biblical lands of Judea and Samaria.


A German Jewish leader in Brandenburg state is making Aliyah to Israel and has called for his fellow Jews to flee the German nation because of rising anti-Semitism.Semen Gorelik fled the former Soviet Union when he was young. Now he is calling for a mass exodus from the former Nazi nation that committed the Holocaust. 


Israeli leaders, including outgoing Prime Minister Yair Lapid, strongly condemned a Palestinian-backed UN General Assembly vote Friday to seek an opinion from the International Court of Justice concerning Israel's "occupation" of territories in the West Bank (biblical Judea and Samaria).

The Nazis destroy Jewish homes. Photo Credit: Yad Vashem.

Yad Vashem recently received a rare photo album that documents Kristallnacht, known as the "Night of Broken Glass." The photos were taken by Nazi photographers in Germany during the pogroms against the Jews in Nuremberg and the nearby town of Fürth in November 1938.

Then-U.S Vice President Joe Biden hands over a pen to Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after their meeting at the Prime Minister's residence in Jerusalem, Tuesday, March 9, 2010.

Benjamin Netanyahu and his Likud Party are expected to receive the mandate to build Israel’s next government on Sunday. While President Joe Biden has congratulated Netanyahu, there are signs that the administration is concerned about some of the religious leaders in this new government of the right.

Benjamin Netanyahu, former Israeli Prime Minister and the head of Likud party, waves to his supporters  in Jerusalem, Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2022. (AP Photo/Maya Alleruzzo)

After consulting with party leaders in the Knesset, Israeli President Isaac Herzog will give Former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu the mandate to form the next government on Sunday, November 13th.

This undated image from Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2022, shows an ivory comb with an entire sentence in the Canaanite language, a 3,700-year-old inscription encouraging people to rid themselves of lice.(Dafna Gazit, Israel Antiquities Authority  via AP)

Israeli archaeologists say they have found an ancient comb dating back to Canaanite times and bearing what is likely the oldest known full sentence in an alphabetical script. The 3,700-year-old inscription encourages people to comb their hair and beards to rid themselves of lice.


Israeli scientists say their research shows breast cancer in mice dropped by 88% when an anti-inflammatory drug was added to chemotherapy treatment. Researchers at Tel Aviv University are hopeful that with more study, the findings will be applicable to humans suffering from cancer.

In this Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2018, photo, KT Corp.'s self-driving bus "5G Bus" is parked in Gangneung, South Korea. (AP Photo/Pietro DeCristofaro)

Israel is famous for traffic congestion, especially around its urban areas. In an effort to ease that congestion, the government will conduct a trial of self-driving buses and shuttles on public roads for the next two years.

Photo by Michael Kucharski on Unsplash

The mayor of the West Bank city of Hebron set off a worldwide furor Friday when he posted a bounty to capture or kill the town's stray dogs.He offered $5.50 per dog, and some residents responded, hauling dead dogs by the truckload to collect the reward.