An Israeli Navy sailor looks at Israel's offshore Leviathan gas field from on board the Israeli Navy Ship Atzmaut as a submarine patrols in the Mediterranean Sea , Wednesday, Sept. 1, 2021.

Israel’s navy has “exponentially” increased its activities in the Red Sea to confront Iranian threats to Israeli shipping, the country’s outgoing naval commander said in a rare interview.

Israel begins campaign to give 3rd vaccination shot. Photo: AP

A new Israeli study on the effectiveness of booster shots for COVID-19 found that recipients of a third dose of the Pfizer-Biotech vaccine are nearly 20 times more protected against serious illness than those with just two doses.

Fighting PTSD

The connection between the U.S. and Israeli Special Forces is reaching a new level as military men and women find strength by being open and vulnerable about their wartime experiences. 


Jews around the world are observing the holiest day of the year on Thursday – Yom Kippur.

Iran nuclear (AP Photo)

Iran may be just one month away from amassing enough weapons-grade uranium to develop a nuclear weapon, according to analysis published on Monday by a US-based think tank.

Lebanon highway

For the first time in more than a year, Lebanon has a functioning government. The question remains, however, whether it will be strong enough to challenge the Iranian-backed Hezbollah from taking over the country.

Dave Eubank, Founder of Free Burma Rangers, is working to help Afghanis. Photo: CBN News Zoom

The US pullout from Afghanistan sent geo-political shock waves throughout the world, profoundly diminished US prestige and left tens of thousands of Afghans in harm’s way at the hands of the terrorists of the Taliban. 

photo credit unsplash

After 9/11, the US military made the drone or unmanned aerial vehicle a major part of the international war on terror. 

Attached photo credit: Koby Gideon (GPO)

Israel’s prime minister met publicly with Egypt’s president for the first time in decades on Monday, signaling deepening ties between the two countries.

Iranian nuclear facility for converting uranium (AP Photo)

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett put the world on notice that time is running out to stop Iran from getting a nuclear weapon.