Israel Flag, Photo Credit: AP

With disturbing, new waves of antisemitism continuing to rage around the globe, a group of celebrities have come together to sound the alarm and combat the issue.

Israel Defense Forces fighting in Gaza. Photo Credit: IDF.

JERUSALEM – An Israeli team heads to Qatar today for more talks on a hostage deal as intense fighting continues in Gaza and along the northern border. Hezbollah has kept up its rocket attacks and suicide drones against northern Israel and Israel is striking back.

Bedouin Arab Heroes and Hostages. Photo: CBN News

Earlier, we ran a story about a remarkable Bedouin Arab family who suffered, along with Israelis, during the murder, kidnapping, and mayhem perpetrated by Hamas on October 7th. Watch an extended interview with one member of the family, Bashir Alzayadni.

Bedouin Arab Heroes and Hostages. Photo: CBN News

On October 7th last year, Hamas took scores of hostages, including Israeli Jews, Israeli Arabs and foreign workers. Among them, members of one heroic family also suffered that tragic day. Bashir Alzayadni, a Bedouin Arab and a law student, saw his life turned upside down by the events last fall.

Photos of all the Israeli hostages held by Hamas in Gaza. Photo Credit: CBN News.

Hostage talks are set to start again.  But Israel is drawing a hardline: either Hamas frees those hostages by Ramadan or the IDF will smash the terrorists' last stronghold in Rafah during the Muslim Holy month. This as sickening details continue to spill out about Hamas' brutal sexual assaults against Israeli women on October 7th.

 A deadly terror attack near a Jerusalem checkpoint, Feb. 22, 2023.

Israelis were met with a terror attack outside Jerusalem, missiles near Eilat, and an escalation along the northern border on Thursday morning. All of this happened as the Israeli government says ‘no’ to an imposed Palestinian state.


Experts warn a significant drop in support for Israel among young U.S. evangelicals marks a potential turning point in the longstanding relationship between these allied groups.  

An aerial photograph illustrating the passage between the UN building  adjacent to a UN school in Khan Yunis where large quantities of weapons were found by the IDF. Photo Credit: Israel Defense Forces.

JERUSALEM, Israel – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said no form of pressure can compel Israel to cease its military operations in Gaza before achieving its set goals, including the release of hostages, even as fighting persists in Gaza and Northern Israel despite international calls for a ceasefire

Shiri Bibas and her two children, 4-year-old Ariel and 9-month-old Kfir, were kidnapped on October 7th by Hamas terrorists.

Israel released video of the youngest Hamas-held hostage and his family on Monday, saying they are concerned for their well-being  and calling on the world to demand their release, while the International Court of Justice continued with proceedings against Israel's right to live in its biblical heartland.

CBN News Paul Strand and TBN News Analyst Erick Stakelbeck talk big picture about Israel's war with Hamas. Photo Credit: CBN News.

CBN News sat down recently with former CBN News reporter Erick Stakelbeck, now an analyst, host and commentator with TBN. Stakelbeck has covered events in the Middle East for years, and with the region at a critical juncture during war time, we asked him about what he sees ahead for Israel and its neighbors.