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“Thank you all for making us so happy!”

Ken Hulme - 700 Club International Managing Director


57-thousand homes were destroyed in Southern Mexico when the worst earthquake in a century hit the region.  

Nine-year-old Belén (beh-LAWN) and her family lost their home and barely escaped with their lives.  

“The roof fell. A tile hit me in the head and knocked me out,” Belén told CBN.  

After the quake, Belén’s dad built them shelter. But it was drafty and sometime wet inside according to six-year-old Carlos, Belén’s brother.

"It was so cold sometimes that I could not fall sleep. I had bad dreams when I did sleep.”   

Violeta is the children’s mother. "Some nights it got really cold. My kids were sick all the time. We didn’t know what to do,” she said.

As a farm hand Belén's dad earned $5 a day. That covered the basics, but there was nothing left over to rebuild their house.  

Then one day CBN learned about the family, and decided to build them a new house.

Everyone pitched in, including Carlos who helped by painting a sealant onto the wooden walls.  

Belén was so happy with their new house she started dancing!

“God bless you for helping us and for making us all so happy!” said Belén to all of the CBN and 700 Club partners who helped her.

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