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  • Have we forgotten, what God calls sin is still sin? Do we need to be reminded there are no big and small sins?

  • None of us knows when we’re going to die. But it’s a fact that we will die.

  • Breathe in the majesty of God's creation that surrounds you. The earth, the sky and all God made display His existence and power.

  • A quick look at the Good Book will show you what true happiness in a marriage really means.

  • I want to be my wife’s hero husband. Here are some things I’ve learned men who are further along the hero path in one way or another. Let’s learn...

  • Though God designed sex to create an intimate bond between husbands and wives, couples often struggle to find fulfillment in this area of marriage.

  • MOVIEGUIDE® must advise extreme caution for this particular trip down the Amazon. It’s somewhat of a missed opportunity to provide moviegoers with a...

  • SPACE JAM: A NEW LEGACY has many laugh-out-loud moments and is wholesome and worthwhile family entertainment.

  • Danny Gokey music video Agradecido

    Danny Gokey Takes New Album on Tour with Colton Dixon

    Danny Gokey hits the road this fall with his upcoming August 20th studio album, 'Jesus People' and fellow American Idol alum Colton Dixon.

  • For those who want to live a life that honors God, they need to be more than “pure at heart." Take the doctor’s advice and drink at least eight...

  • Recently I visited St. Augustine, Florida with my family and we found the fountain of youth! Well actually Ponce De Leon did… however it was fun to...

  • Have you seen the Andy Griffith episode where two prisoners trick Barney into freeing them? Knowing Barney is sensitive about the rinky-dink Mayberry...

  • Dear Dave, I’m 10 years away from retirement and just now starting to invest. I know you recommend mutual funds and spreading your money evenly...

  • The key to finding work you love to do is persevering in the pursuit of your dream job despite the obstacles. Despite the pandemic, the payoff can be...

  • If you’re feeling panicked about money in these uncertain times, I want you to hear me on this: You are not alone. You will be okay.

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