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Christian World News - Standing for the Suffering - July 1, 2022

From genocide in China to church bombings in Africa, people of faith are under attack.

Christian World News - Frontline Pastor - June 24, 2022

A Ukrainian pastors is helping rescuing victims of war caught in the fighting.

Christian World News - A Generation at Risk - June 17, 2022

A troubling study reveals a threat to the future of Christianity in America.

Christian World News - Targeting Pro-Lifers - June 10, 2022

Abortion activists turn violent as they anticipate the end of Roe v Wade.

Christian World News - China’s Genocide - June 3, 2022

China’s targeting of religious minorities grabs the world’s attention.

Christian World News - Serving God in Tough Times - May 20, 2022

How the Church can prepare to survive and serve in a global food crisis.

Christian World News - Faith and Courage - May 13, 2022

Stories of the faith and fortitude of Ukraine’s Christian community in the early days of the Russian invasion.

Christian World News - “50 State Battle” - May 6, 2022

Supreme Court leak launches abortion battle.

Christian World News - Escaping a War Zone - April 22, 2022

A family hid for six weeks before being rescued from a city occupied by the Russians.

Christian World News - A Taste of Heaven - April 15, 2022

Paris church named for an American icon brings races together in glorious community.

Christian World News - MINISTRY TO MUSLIMS - April 8, 2022

As the world’s Muslims observe Ramadan, Christians around the world are praying for them.

Christian World News - April 1, 2022

Christian World News - April 1, 2022

Christian World News - Ministry in a War Zone - March 25, 2022

When war came to Ukraine, a small band of Christian missionaries chose to stay and serve.

Christian World News - Prayer Power - March 18, 2022

As Russia rains down missiles on Ukraine’s civilians, Christians are serving their neighbors and praying for the enemies.

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