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Christian World News - “Not Guilty” - February 3, 2023

Federal Jury Acquits Pro-Lifer Targeted by Government.

Christian World News - Preparing for Revival - January 27, 2023

How the church’s response to persecution could spark a global harvest.

Christian World News - A Taste of Heaven on Earth - January 20, 2023

What’s behind the Paris church that’s changing lives on a phenomenal scale.

Christian World News - Uprising in Iran - January 13, 2023

The Iranian regimes crackdown on protestors is only making the resistance stronger.

Christian World News - Crackdown in Hong Kong - January 6, 2023

As China tightens its grip on Hong Kong religious freedom is at risk and Christians are fleeing

Christian World News - Brave Band of Believers - December 30, 2022

The team that stayed to serve the people of Kyiv at the height of the Russia invasion.

Christian World News - The Hidden Stories of Christmas - December 23, 2022

What you never knew about the songs we sing every Christmas.

Christian World News - Mayflower Church - December 16, 2022

A refugee church flees China’s repression.

Christian World News - Chaos in Haiti - December 9, 2022

Gangs are ruling the city’s capital, putting tens of thousands at risk.

Christian World News - The Uprising - December 2, 2022

China’s citizens rise up against the surveillance state

Christian World News - The Image of God - November 25, 2022

A traveling exhibit brings the Sistine Chapel to cities across the globe.

Christian World News - RETURN OF “THE CHOSEN” - November 18, 2022

The cast and crew of “The Chosen” celebrate the launch of season three.

Christian World News - Healing the Divide - November 11, 2022

As politics divides our nation, Christians suggest a solution to stop the anger.

Christian World News - “GOD GAVE ME A DREAM” - November 4, 2022

When God told a pastor to build a church, he had no idea it would become a refuge for thousands of people.

Christian World News - Escape from Hell - October 28, 2022

How a Ukrainian Pastor Preached the Gospel in Prison and Escaped the Russians.

Christian World News - China's War On Faith - October 21, 2022

How China’s regime is persecuting Muslims, Christians and all people of faith.

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